And of course the positives don’t stop there. Being able to work in a team and develop a greater sense of trust and co-operation can help tiny dancers navigate in other areas of life too. Regular lessons can help children improve their social skills and enable them to work in a team, developing a greater sense of trust and cooperation as well as making new friends.

Like football, dance is evolving. While ballet is still one of the most popular choices for children, emerging styles include acro, street, hip hop, house and commercial. Traditionally girls were more likely to join dance classes, now boys are just as eager to jump in. Have you seen Diversity in action?

It’s not uncommon for successful dancers to have fulfilling enjoyed careers before starting their own school. Both parents and children benefit from years of experience and the teacher has the opportunity to pass on skills to a new generation. A real win-win.

What’s also a win-win for dance schools is the ClassForKids booking management system which is full of features designed to make every class run like a command performance.

Using the booking system allows for easy management of classes online and dance teachers using the platform talk about being ‘given back time’.  From taking registers, tracking the progress of all children as well as keeping parents up to date ensures time can be better spent in either marketing activities or teaching more classes.

Now that is something to put a spring in your step.