Whatever did the Greeks ever to for us you may ask?  Well, did you know they are responsible for the alphabet - yes, all 26 letters. They are also credited with being the father of modern medicine  (hippocratic oath, anyone), the founder of democracy as well as a whole bunch of ‘ologies’ and ‘osophies’. Perhaps though their greatest contribution to the world of sport is the gift of gymnastics.

A recent report, named the ‘Taking Part’ survey commissioned by the department for culture, media and sport, confirms that gymnastics is one of the most actively sought after by children; especially in the 11-15 age bracket. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon. In fact it’s quite the opposite. So popular is the activity that’s it’s not uncommon for children’s gymnastics clubs to have lengthy waiting lists. In fact some agile Gymnastics coaches are taking the lead by leaping into action and starting new clubs.

According to an article on the British Gymnastics website, the numbers continue to rise; attributed to the popularity of Olympics, demand appears to spike every four years. Great news for young athletes and coaches alike.

It has never been a better time to run a gymnastics club for children. It’s a specialism which is constantly in demand, allows children to learn new skills, become fit and have fun. Win-win all round.  And once a club has sprung to life, it makes sense to grow and as one ClassForKids gymnastics coach said ‘help develop champions.’

The best way to grow quickly?  Hop, skip and jump to take a look at the ClassForKids booking management system.

Using the booking management system allows for planning of classes online. From taking registers, tracking the progress of all children as well as keeping parents up to date ensures time can be better spent in either marketing activities or teaching more classes.

The platform incorporates so much innovation and creativity, we think the ancient Greeks would approve.