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January 09 2019

How to Get Your Kids More Active in 2019

It's #NationalObesityAwarenessWeek, and what better time than now to introduce healthy habits into yours and your children's lives. Take the first steps towards health with #ClassForKids.

November 02 2018

How To Deal with Bullies

For Anti Bullying Week 2018, ClassForKids wants to breakdown what bullying is, how to spot a bully and how you as a parent can teach your child on how to deal with it all. Let's break it down together!

October 08 2018

Easy Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity

For National Obesity Awareness Week, ClassForKids has some advice on how busy parents and adults can easily fight off childhood obesity

October 05 2018

The Positive Effects of Gaming

For World Mental Health Day, we’d like to share an insightful conversation we had with fellow ClassForKids Software Developer, James, who’s also the founder of Scottish Charity, Get Well Gamers, and his colleagues about the positive mental health effects that gaming has on children!

September 26 2018

Fun Family Fall Activities

ClassForKids has a few Fall ideas for all you parents out there that are looking for something entertaining for you and your kids to do!

September 20 2018

Why Gymnastics is Awesome for your Kids

ClassForKids would like to share with you how gymnastics can benefit your children and why you should consider sending your wee ones for classes!

September 12 2018

Communicating with Kids who have Hearing Impairments

ClassForKids would like to share with you the most important tips on how to communicate with a child who struggles with hearing!

September 10 2018

Early Fitness Habits to Adopt

ClassForKids would like to share with you some positive and healthy habits that your children can easily adopt in order to create an environment and culture that familiarises and normalises the importance of fitness

September 03 2018

Top Coolest Trends in Kids Activities Clubs

The kids club sector is growing greater than ever before, leading to amazing new activities being introduced to benefit kids in various areas of their life. From kids yoga to cookery, stay up to date and let ClassForKids take you through some of the latest trends.

September 06 2018

Cracking the Code: Introduction to Web Languages

For National Coding Week, we at ClassForKids would like to talk about the many different types of coding languages (that we also use in the HQ), what they’re used for and have further explanations on what they are! 

August 29 2018

The Benefits of Gaming

As games become designed with education in mind, ClassForKids goes through the positive effects videos games have on children's development. 

August 23 2018

A Guide to Charity

ClassForKids would like to provide a platform of information and reinforcement on why participating in charity through volunteering, donations or even organising events is important in developing compassion, empathy and understanding, especially for children

August 20 2018

Advice on going back to school!

ClassForKids wants to show our support, encouragement and guidance to young students who might experience some anxiety and fear when entering their new school year!

August 20 2018

Keeping motivated when it's gloomy outside

Here are some useful and fun ideas that we at ClassForKids would like to share with you to keep you and your children’s spirits soaring during gloomy weather

August 03 2018

Why Children should master STEM Skills

So what is STEM? And how can I get my kids involved? Find out why we think children should start mastering STEM skills!