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The David Attenborough Effect

Adored by ClassForKids and loved by all creatures great and small, we look at the ways national treasure Sir David Attenborough has shaped the world around us.

5 Reasons Why You should care about Reviews

In this new technological age, Facebook and Google pioneer in establishing ratings and influencing our opinions on any business out there that are connected to the internet, including children's activities clubs. Learn more about why you should care about reviews!

Why do ClassForKids take a platform fee

In this blog post, we want to explain to you why there is a platform fee for when you sign up and use the system, how the platform fee works and where the it’s being used within the company.

The Closure of the European Championships 2018

Glasgow's European Championships has finally come to an end and it has been an outstanding success from start to finish. It was certainly one of the most memorable events of 2018 and the ClassForKids team are here to share with you some of the highlights and #TheMoments which made it such an exciting journey. Farewell European Championships, until next year!

Harness Parent Power | New Features

To help you harness parent power, we're releasing a whole host of brilliant new features and enhancements. Keep checking back for the latest updates.

Never Chase Another Invoice

If it sounds too good to be true, then you'd better read on to find out how taking subscriptions could be the best move your business ever makes...

Going Cashless with ClassForKids

Going Cashless with ClassForKids

ClassForKids would like to share with you why a cashless economy is the way of the future, especially in the United Kingdom!

The Love of Golf

In this blog post, we've gathered a bit more insight on why golf is one of Scotland’s favourite sports and outdoor activities!

The Birth of a Par-fect sport, Golf

One of Scotland's prized possessions is the sport of golf and is seen as the "home of golf", but is Scotland really the birthplace of the sport?

All you need to know about Ball Boys & Girls in Football

Interested in finding about more about the role of a ball boy or girl in football? Read more about it with ClassForKids. 

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