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June 11 2018

Why Art is Important

Art is a form of free expression. Here, we discuss the reasons why art is important for your children

June 26 2018

The Value of Physical Education

In conjunction with National School Sport Week, we share with you the reasons why Physical Education is important for the health and well-being of children

June 05 2018

Learning about LGBT History

As a way of joining in on the festivities and to shine light on the achievements of our LGBT predecessors, we at ClassForKids have listed out a few ways that you can teach your children about Pride month and the LGBT community.

June 04 2018

Like a Facebook Page as a Business

Follow these 3 simple steps to liking a Facebook Page as a Business

June 01 2018

Reach Out and Grow

Looking to reach out and grow? Let the experts at ClassForKids share some top tips to help you achieve your goals

May 30 2018

Happy Volunteer Week

Celebrating volunteers and their contribution to charities across the UK

May 29 2018

Save Time with ClassForKids

4 important reasons why ClassForKids helps you save your valuable time!

May 18 2018

Leadership is about Believing in Others

Nikki Th’ng is CEO at Class for Kids. He’s a tech-savvy former Tennis Coach. He also happens to be a big thinker. Here Nikki shares his thoughts on what leadership means to him.

May 24 2018

The "Book Now" button & Why It's Important

A simple step-by-step guide on how to add the "Book Now" button to your Facebook Business page by ClassForKids

May 22 2018

Walking for Health

Short of time but still want to exercise? Then get those walking shoes on and get outdoors. Small changes to your daily routine can result in big benefits for all the family.

April 25 2018

Meet The ClassForKids Team

We're one big happy family here at ClassForKids. Now you have the chance to get to know a few of the fab people who love to help clubs grow.

May 25 2018


At ClassForKids we are less GDP-aargh and more GDP-aah. Read on for a quick summary of the biggest change to data protection since 1995.

April 23 2018

Top 10 Tips For Running a Successful Children’s Club

Congratulations. You’ve done it. Fulfilled a dream and started a kids activity club. Now, find out from those in the know how to grow!

June 04 2018

Top Tips to go Green

Looking to go green? Or even a bit greener? Let ClassForKids show you the way! Read our top tips to follow the three arrr's!


May 16 2018

Why Physical Activity Benefits Children's Mental Health | ClassForKids

Parents you were right! Keeping children active not only helps with their physical well-being but can also boost mental health too. Read more about how physical activity benefits your children's mental health!