Behind the Unique ClassForKids Christmas Gift!

Written by Sarah Ahmad

Sure social media, photos and emails are great and all, but digital content can get so lost in the tsunami of constant information produced and pumped out by companies and organisations who are trying to stand out from the joyful noises of the festive season.

Knowing this, the team at ClassForKids put their imaginative brains and creative thoughts together to come up with a memorable and interesting Christmas and New Years marketing campaign that would blow your minds away! We thought, instead of something you send through you phone, why not send something in a more traditional manner. Snail mail! It'll be exactly like receiving a present from Santa himself! Who doesn't love receiving a cheeky package right? 📦

So in this blog post, I’m here to share the process of conceptualising a fun idea to prototyping it and then to making it a physical gift to send to you. Here we go!

👇🏼Here's a video demonstration of how this amazing package works!👇🏼