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Customer Hacks

Mastering Facebook Advertising

Social Media platforms are a perfect way to deliver a high impact visual experience that will improve your business' online presence. Learn how to maximise your presence on Facebook by implementing and mastering these advertising tips!

Why Cheques are Obsolete

At ClassForKids, we’re working hard to further your understanding on why online payments are the way to go and why cheque books belong in the Victorian era! Here are a few reasons why cheques are now obsolete.

5 Reasons Why You should care about Reviews

In this new technological age, Facebook and Google pioneer in establishing ratings and influencing our opinions on any business out there that are connected to the internet, including children's activities clubs. Learn more about why you should care about reviews!

Going Cashless with ClassForKids

Going Cashless with ClassForKids

ClassForKids would like to share with you why a cashless economy is the way of the future, especially in the United Kingdom!

Like a Facebook Page as a Business

Follow these 3 simple steps to liking a Facebook Page as a Business

3 MUST DO's to increase more children in your classes

Looking to reach out and grow? Let the experts at ClassForKids share some top tips to help you achieve your goals.


At ClassForKids we are less GDP-aargh and more GDP-aah. Read on for a quick summary of the biggest change to data protection since 1995.

The "Book Now" button & Why It's Important

A simple step-by-step guide on how to add the "Book Now" button to your Facebook Business page by ClassForKids

Top 10 Tips For Running a Successful Children’s Club

Congratulations. You’ve done it. Fulfilled a dream and started a kids activity club. Now, find out from those in the know how to grow!