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How to Get Your Kids More Active in 2019

It's #NationalObesityAwarenessWeek, and what better time than now to introduce healthy habits into yours and your children's lives. Take the first steps towards health with #ClassForKids.

ClassForKids Top 5 Kids Book Series | Book Week Scotland

The books we read as children tend to stick with us for life, which is why for Book Week Scotland we wanted to highlight some of the best of the best from the eyes of the team at ClassForKids, because your little ones don't deserve any less! 

The Hidden History of Women's Football

Women's football has had a rocky but fascinating history of excelling despite the odds! Let ClassForKids take you through the secret history of the game.

The Value of Physical Education

In conjunction with National School Sport Week, we share with you the reasons why Physical Education is important for the health and well-being of children.

What’s so great about Summer Camps?

As we move into the summer months, it can be difficult to keep your little ones content during the school holidays. Summer camps can be the perfect way to brighten up your kids summer holidays. Not only are they fun but they also provide a range of other benefits.

Why Art is Important

Art is a form of free expression. Here, we discuss the reasons why art is important for your children.

Learning about LGBT History

As a way of joining in on the festivities and to shine light on the achievements of our LGBT predecessors, we at ClassForKids have listed out a few ways that you can teach your children about Pride month and the LGBT community.

Top Tips to go Green

Looking to go green? Or even a bit greener? Let ClassForKids show you the way! Read our top tips to follow the three arrr's!

Why Physical Activity Benefits Children's Mental Health

Parents you were right! Keeping children active not only helps with their physical well-being but can also boost mental health too. Read more about how physical activity benefits your children's mental health!