Cricket Tikes | ClassForKids Ambassadors

Written by Sarah Ahmad

Welcome back to our features post for our amazing ClassForKids Ambassadors! We’ve introduced you to Ashley Thomas of Skillz UK and Wendy Lucas from Hamilton Gymnastics, but now, since you’ve probably read the title of this post already, it’s no surprise who we’ll be talking about here on our blog, so let’s just get to it! Our 3rd passionate person, coach and founder of Cricket Tikes is none other than Jason Moore.

Founded in 2017, Cricket Tikes runs inspirational indoor and outdoor cricket classes designed for children from the ages 5 until 11 years old. Alongside Jason, the club consists of talented individuals within the cricket realms who coach these excited children, including England’s Batting Coach and Cricket Tikes Ambassador, Mark Ramprakash MBE and Middlesex CCC Women’s One Day Captain and Cricket Tikes Lead Coach, Naomi Dattani. 👍🏼

Did you know that cricket is a sport that benefits children’s physical fitness tremendously? It may seem like a relatively simple sport but it isn’t by the slightest! Alongside maintaining strength and fitness, cricket helps with the development of children’s motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination whilst teaches them about teamwork and endurance! 💪🏼 Jason, being the cricket expert himself, is well aware of all of these benefits and looks to deliver high quality lessons and training through his club.

Swinging into the ClassForKids system 📲

Between his infectious enthusiasm towards the sport, eagerness to grow his club and extremely popular classes in play, the business successfully introduces a whole new generation to a sport that’s been part of British culture for centuries and will continue to expand his and his team’s knowledge in the future!

And with his clear vision in mind, ClassForKids has found a place to fit perfectly into his business journey towards achieving bigger and better things. 

“We can take our registers in class using the system, we can publish our schedules with the system, the parents control their own parent information on the site. We don’t really need to see too much of that! So if anything, it just provides them with a safe and trusted platform and it provides us with opportunity to get on with what we love doing best, which is running our club!” - Jason Moore, Founder of Cricket Tikes

We’re proud to say that we’ve taken over most of the less exciting areas of running a growing cricket business like managing schedules, fees and communication, and helped give Jason more control over his expanding number of students, more time to focus on teaching their lesson and more space for Jason and his team to have fun while teaching their classes!

ClassForKids is here to help in any way possible. Whether it being organising your schedules, terms and students' medical info, to obtaining the most effective method for collecting payments, to providing the easiest solution for communicating any updates with parents - we can help you manage your club the same we've helped Jason with his!

Jason, being the super cool person he is, is available for a chat if ever you need questions answered about ClassForKids. Ask him anything! He won’t bite.

👇🏼 Listen to Jason speak about ClassForKids here 👇🏼