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Hey there, dance school owners, academy directors, and studio managers! Are you ready to set off on a fantastic journey to create your dream dance team? As leaders in the world of dance, you're not just running a school; you're shaping the future of young dancers. That's why who you have on your team truly matters. To build a dream team that ensures your dance school thrives, it's crucial to focus on recruitment and training. In this blog, we've got all the tips and tricks you need to know about building your star squad. Let's dive in!

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Dance School Recruitment: The Quest for Excellence

When it comes to hiring for your dance school, it's vital to find individuals who resonate with your vision for the school. Your team is your key to success! 

Perhaps the most crucial step in the search for your next talent, is that they exude what your dance school is all about. If your school is all about nurturing young dancers' creativity, make sure your new team members are on the same page. 

Look for team members with a flair for creative dance ideas that leave students wanting more. This isn’t always a given, so experience with teaching kids dance could be the secret weapon for crafting innovative and super fun classes. 

Enthusiasm for dance is the spark that ignites excitement in your school. Kids can sense genuine passion, so hire someone who loves dance as much as you do. 

Lastly, look for team members who are eager to learn, grow, and collaborate. When your team is full of potential, the sky's the limit!

Dance Class Training

So, you've assembled a fantastic team, but how do you unlock their full potential? The answer is training! And we don’t just mean training to evolve your dance teacher’s choreo skills, we’re talking the full makeover. From dance business training to first aid and emergency training, training really is the key to unlocking your team’s success. Plus, training isn't just about enhancing your team's skills; it's a win-win situation. You'll have a super-charged team working at your dance school, and your team members will feel like a valued part of something bigger. Here's why training your team is the next step in your routine:

1. Unlock Potential: Training maximises your team's capabilities, ensuring that no talent goes to waste. Who knows, you might find out that you have a social media whiz in your midsts that could help you run the dance schoo’s socials!

2. Raise the Bar(re): Training sets high standards of excellence for your school's performance and service. That often means you could put a premium price on classes as well!

3. Free Up Your Time: Training allows you, as the owner, to focus on growing your dance school and shaping its destiny, rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day operations. If your team is trained to handle the day-to-day tasks, then you’ll be able to take a step back and focus on the long-term success and growth of your studio.

4. Mastermind Business: Business courses equip you and your team with essential skills for running your dance school like a successful business. Thinking of your dance school as a business is the first step, but actually running your school like a business can be tricky. Look to specialised courses or people in the industry that provide this sort of training. 

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5. Empower Your Team: Lastly, training builds a confident and motivated team who feel like they're holding the championship trophy. If you provide them with the necessary training, they’ll feel empowered to be a part of your dance studio.

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Legal Requirements in the UK - Navigating the Rule Book

Although your dance school likely isn’t registered with Ofsted and therefore not required to have your team undergo specific training, it’s still a good idea to provide some basic training. Consider the positive impact of providing first aid training, for instance. 

Even if you aren’t registered with Ofsted, you’ll need to do background checks on anyone interacting with kids at your dance school. Safety is our top priority, and it's essential to ensure that anyone interacting with children undergoes a background check to create a safe and happy environment.

[.green__text]For more information on Ofsted and background checks, check out our blog: "A Guide to Starting Your Own Kids Activity Club."[.green__text]

Extra Training Magic

While training isn't always mandatory, it’s a good idea to consider providing your staff with these essential skills:

1. First Aid Heroes: Ensure your team can handle emergencies and keep everyone safe by providing first aid training. 

2. Specialised Classes: Train your staff for specialised dance classes, such as ballet or contemporary dance. If you’d like to offer a dance style you don’t currently offer, look into training your existing staff rather than finding an entirely new recruit. Perhaps the person teaching your tap classes also has a secret passion for musical theatre jazz!  

3. Emergency Action Plan: Make sure your team is trained to handle unexpected scenarios, creating a safe and focused learning environment for young dancers. If everyone knows where to go and what to do, your young dancers can focus on learning.

4. Fresh and Fun Sessions: Boost your classes with training on how to keep dance sessions inventive and exciting. Kids can sometimes get bored easily, but a bit of creative flair can quickly turn something a bit dull into something exciting.

5. Business & Marketing Skills: Equip your team to manage the business side of your dance school with flair, freeing you up to focus on strategic growth. Focus on training on how to handle admin and scheduling, how to deal with parent communications and maybe even how to capture a good video from a class.

6. Star Trainers: Invite industry experts to share their wisdom and elevate your team's skills. Interactive and fun training sessions can make a significant impact on your team's performance.

7. Encouraging your team to continue to develop and hone their skills is always a great investment in your team. Check out teacher training at dance events like Can You Dance? or in your local area to make sure that dancing remains a passion for your teachers and doesn’t just become a job.

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And there you have it! Building your dream dance team is like choreographing the perfect routine. Now you know what qualities to look for in recruitment and how training can take your team to new heights. With the right people on your team and the right training, anything is possible!

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