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Gymnastics Club Finance

Are you excited about enhancing your gymnastics club's equipment, securing top-notch training facilities, or expanding your reach to young gymnasts? You're in for a treat! External funding can be your golden ticket to turn these aspirations into gymnastic wonders. So, how can you secure a gymnastics grant for your club? This blog will list some of the grants available to your gymnastics club as well as provide you with some top tips to make your application stand out and shine!

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Gymnastics Club Fundraising

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery extends financial support ranging from £300 to £10,000, aimed at bolstering local communities. In addition, they generously allocate grants exceeding £10,000 to facilitate substantial undertakings. These Community grants by The National Lottery are accessible for initiatives catering to individuals throughout the United Kingdom.


Cash4Clubs specialises in granting funds to sports clubs throughout the UK, having allocated approximately £5 million to local clubs since 2008. These grants can be utilised for enhancing facilities, acquiring new equipment, obtaining coaching qualifications, and bolstering the long-term sustainability of your club.

Club Matters (England) 

Club Matters, a service offered by Sport England, serves as a valuable resource for sports club management. This platform not only offers insights into various aspects of running a sports club but also presents opportunities for funding youth clubs. Moreover, it houses a rich repository of resources to assist you in preparing and submitting funding applications. Whether you're seeking guidance on application prerequisites or handling rejected requests, the support available on Club Matters is a resource worth exploring.

Sport Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland 

These national organisations list diverse funding opportunities by region, amount, and purpose to aid clubs, communities, and more. From enhancing kids' club facilities to assisting disadvantaged children, you’ll be able to find support with:

  • Sport Facilities Fund: Enhancing sports club, community, school, or performance sport facilities.
  • Travel Funds: Grants for young athletes' travel and equipment expenses.
  • Coach Education Subsidy Funding: Support for coaches to advance qualifications.

Grants Online

Grants Online, an ever-evolving resource, offers a wide-ranging database that includes grants for children's clubs, as well as various other industries. Discover the most recent grant possibilities in the UK, all conveniently compiled in one location. This comprehensive database encompasses diverse sectors, spanning from sports and leisure to arts, education, and schools. Among the funding programs available, you can explore options for:

  • Enhancing sporting facilities
  • Providing funding for children's sports gear and equipment
  • Supporting the establishment and improvement of gymnastics clubs

Tesco Community Grants 

Tesco’s community grants are available to local community organisations, such as your gymnastics club. The key eligibility criteria for this grant is that your club must be proven to be a worthwhile community cause. Up to £1,500 are available for local sports clubs and community organisations that need help funding sports equipment and kits.

The British Gymnastics Club Capital

The British Gymnastics Club Capital offers loans to eligible gymnastics clubs that are in need of some extra help to improve their existing or move into better facilities. The fund offers loans between £25,000 to £250,000 (up to £750,000 in exceptional circumstances) and most of the loans are spread across 4 years with a 4% interest rate.

Some top tips to remember when you’re applying

Research Thoroughly: Research Thoroughly: Not every grant will cater to your gymnastics club's unique needs. It's essential to dive into thorough research and ensure your eligibility for various grants. Take a closer look at each grant's specific requirements to make sure they align with your club's goals.

Plan Your Project: Present your project in a way that dazzles. Describe your project's ambitions, objectives, and envisioned outcomes. Explain how the grant will light up your club and spread gymnastic joy within the community. A well-crafted plan can make your application shine!

Match Grants to Your Needs: Seek grants that fit perfectly with your club's specific needs. Whether it's upgrading your training space, acquiring new equipment, enhancing coaching, or engaging the community, focus on grants that flip in line with your club's goals.

Highlight community benefits: Many grants adore projects that inspire the community. Highlight how your project will not only transform your club but also spread gymnastic enthusiasm throughout the broader community. This showcases that the grant will do more than just benefit your club; it will create ripples of gymnastic fun across your community!

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Prepare a Strong Application: Follow grant application guidelines diligently. Supply all the necessary documents and information, including budgets, schedules, and supporting materials. Keep your writing concise, clear, professional and as vibrant as a gymnastic routine.

Collaborate: Consider partnering with local organisations, schools, or community groups. Collaborative projects often score higher points with grant providers because the grant would have a broader impact.

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Showcase Past Success: If your club has a history of grant success or past gymnastic triumphs, flaunt these victories in your application. It showcases your club's knack for making the most of every opportunity and building trust.

Engage with the Granting Organisation: Don't hesitate to reach out to the grant providers if you have questions or need guidance. They hold the wisdom to guide your gymnastics journey.

Stick the landing: After sending in your application, gracefully follow up if you don't hear back within the expected time frame. This demonstrates your unwavering commitment and enthusiasm.

Remember, securing grants for your gymnastics club can catapult your organisation to new heights of fun and achievement. So, let your passion for gymnastics shine through and grab the support you need to make your gymnastic dreams come true!

With these fantastic funding opportunities, you're well on your way to supporting your kids' football club and nurturing the next generation of football stars. Remember, your dedication can make all the difference, so don't hesitate to explore these options and secure the support you need to thrive!

Et voilà! With all of these fantastic funding opportunities, you’ll be well on your way to supporting even more young gymnasts on their journey to stardom. Remember, by doing your research and looking for grants and funds that highlight the difference you know your club make to the community, you’ll get the support you need in no time!

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