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Hello, gymnastics enthusiasts and dedicated gymnastics club owners! Whether your athletes are perfecting their flips or mastering balance beams, having the right equipment is fundamental to creating a safe and inspiring training environment. To guide you through the world of gymnastics gear, we present a comprehensive list of must-have equipment and top-notch suppliers in 2024. Let’s flip our way to success together!

Essential Gymnastics Equipment:

So, what equipment will you need when starting your gymnastics club? Here’s a list we've put together with the help from some of the hundreds of gymnastics clubs that ClassForKids has provided a system for and helped:


Mats are the number one essential that our clubs highlighted. They provide a cushioned surface for landings and practice exercises, ensuring the safety of gymnasts' during jumps, tumbles, and dismounts. Mats are versatile and come in various thicknesses to accommodate different skill levels and training requirements, so remember to keep your young gymnasts in mind when shopping around.

Recommended Suppliers:

  • Tumbl Trak: Known for their expertise in gymnastics equipment, Tumbl Trak offers a variety of high-quality mats designed to withstand the demands of intensive training.
  • Dollamur: Renowned for producing durable and customizable carpeted mats, Dollamur provides options suitable for gymnastics clubs of all sizes.

Balance Beams:

Next on our essential equipment list are balance beams! Their purpose is to develop and enhance balance and precision skills, and they’re crucial for mastering routines and perfecting form. Balance beams come in different heights and materials, catering to gymnasts of varying ages and skill levels. That means you may want to invest in a few different versions to accommodate for multiple age groups!

Recommended Suppliers:

  • AAI Gymnastics: A trusted name in the gymnastics community, AAI Gymnastics offers professional-grade balance beams known for their stability and craftsmanship.
  • Nimble Sports: Providing a range of beams suitable for different skill levels, Nimble Sports focuses on creating equipment that supports gymnasts as they progress in their training.

Uneven Bars

Uneven bars are great for building upper body strength and practising intricate routines. They allow gymnasts to develop coordination and fluidity in their movements which is essential for scoring highly when it’s competition time. Uneven bars are a staple for competitive gymnastics.

Recommended Suppliers:

  • Gymnova: Renowned for producing top-notch uneven bars, Gymnova's equipment meets the standards of gymnastics clubs and training centers worldwide.
  • Spieth America: A well-established brand offering high-quality gymnastics equipment, including uneven bars designed for both safety and performance.

Vaulting Horse/Table:

Perfect for practising and perfecting vaulting techniques, the vaulting horse or table provides gymnasts with the platform needed to execute dynamic and precise manoeuvres.

Recommended Suppliers:

  • Gymnastics Direct: Offering a range of vaulting equipment suitable for various levels, Gymnastics Direct focuses on providing safe and reliable options for gymnastics clubs.
  • American Athletic, Inc. (AAI): Known for their commitment to quality, AAI produces vaulting tables that prioritise safety and durability, crucial for gymnastics training.

Grips and Wrist Supports:

If any of your athletes are at a higher level or trains several times a week, grips and wrist supports can help them. They’ll protect hands and wrists during high-impact activities, offering support and stability during exercises on bars and other apparatus.

Recommended Suppliers:

  • Reisport: A leading supplier of gymnastics grips, Reisport provides a variety of options catering to different skill levels and preferences.
  • Gibson Athletic: Known for durable grips and wrist supports, Gibson Athletic's products are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of gymnastics training.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Suppliers:

Safety Certification: Prioritise suppliers that adhere to safety standards and certifications. Ensure that the equipment meets or exceeds industry safety requirements, providing a secure environment for gymnasts.

Customisation Options: Look for suppliers that offer customisation options, allowing you to tailor equipment to your gym's specific needs and space constraints. Remember, every gymnastics club is unique and will have different needs. Customisable features ensure that the equipment seamlessly integrates into your training space.

Durability: Invest in equipment known for durability and longevity. Gymnastics gear should withstand rigorous training sessions and maintain its quality over time. This ensures a solid return on your investment and the safety of your athletes.

Customer Reviews: Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the satisfaction of other gymnastics club owners. Positive feedback is a good indicator of a reliable supplier. Additionally, pay attention to any reviews that mention the supplier's customer service and responsiveness.

Trial Periods and Warranties: Remember to inquire about trial periods and warranties offered by the suppliers. A trial period allows you to test the equipment in your specific setting, and a solid warranty provides added peace of mind in case of any unforeseen issues.

And there you have it! Equip your gymnastics club with top-notch gear, and watch your athletes soar to new heights. Explore these fantastic suppliers, create a space where talent can flourish, and get ready for a sensational year of gymnastics in 2024! Keep tumbling towards success!

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