Hamilton Gymnastics | ClassForKids Ambassadors

Written by Sarah Ahmad

So we’ve introduced you to this new blog series which aims to praise and acknowledge the amazing work some of the clubs and coaches we work with do for children around the UK and the world!

And we’ve also told you all about a very talented man, Ashley Thomas, and his awesome football club, Skillz UK!

Well now’s the time for us to shift your attention and the spotlight onto our second ambassador and resident ClassForKids poster girl, the diligent, determined and passionate Head Coach, Wendy Lucas from Hamilton Gymnastics!

From starting their small-scale idea of hosting gymnastic classes at Hamilton College with only 20 children, to having over 1300 children attending their classes per week and essentially becoming one of the leading gymnastics clubs in Scotland with a huge venue of their own at Blantyre Industrial Estate, there’s no way anyone can stop the rapid growth of Hamilton Gymnastics!

Did you know that Hamilton Gymnastics is run as a charity? Yup! A lot of the funding that goes into developing and improving the club is raised by the coaches and students themselves. They’ve recently secured about £200,000 early this year, enabling the highest of quality for training and gymnastics equipment for their gymnasts! Amazing!

With the goal of training these young children in the best environment possible and having competitive gymnasts represent Scotland and the UK internationally, only the best will suffice for Wendy and Ruth. It’s incredible what you can accomplish with passion and determination. These ladies are definitely fiesty and will do all it takes to ensure that Hamilton Gymnastics is of the highest standards for their coaches and students. 💪🏼

Becoming part of the ClassForKids Family

But with such accelerated expansions of the club and with constantly increasing interests from parents and children, comes a waiting list that’s longer than their floor areas and spreadsheets that pile up to be taller than their unit in Blantyre! Awesome and promising, but also so insane! No worries though, that’s where we come in!

Spending 30 minutes before every class to collect payments, to collect medical information and to check the attendance of all students was a huge task for all coaches that the gym. Although it seemed like a simple chore, imagine having 8 classes a day and spending 240 minutes/4 hours on admin per day! That’s crazy and such a waste of valuable time that you could be using to focus on coaching the children in your club. The coaches at Hamilton Gymnastics know this and understand why ClassForKids is save the day! 👊🏼

Wendy, Ruth and her team at Hamilton Gymnastics are superstars at utilising ClassForKids as their ‘digital admin assistant’. With so much growth over the passed few years, it’s only natural that the team need a ‘helping hand’ with their admin work and booking management. The children benefit from the time coaches spend focusing on coaching, coaches benefit from instant payment transactions and easy management of information, and the parents benefit from seamless online payments and booking processes! It’s a perfect 10 across the board! 💯

We’re so glad to work with our ambassador Wendy and other Head Coach Ruth, to enhance the work that they do and essentially elevate the experience that the coaches and parents go through when booking classes with Hamilton Gymnastics.

With all this in mind, and because Wendy is an official ClassForKids Ambassador, feel free to contact her if you have any questions about growing your club and how we can be of service to you! 💬

👇🏼 Listen to Wendy speak about ClassForKids here 👇🏼