How Other Clubs Are Doing it - Popular Features and Techniques for Running a Great Club!


Following last month’s spotlight on parents, we thought we’d share a bit of insight into how clubs are setting-up for success…

From Gymnastics, Swimming, Football, and Dance, through to Tae Kwon Do, Arts&Crafts, Languages, Baby Massage, and many many more, the ClassForKids platform is supporting thousands of brilliant businesses just like yours! With such a wide range of features we’re always doing our absolute utmost to make sure we have the right solutions no matter how you run.

We love to celebrate how wonderfully different you all are, but we also pride ourselves on being excellent at helping you with things you all have in common. From registers, bookings, payments, and communications, through to photo consent, discounts and waiting lists.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some of your top choices, and the features that exist to support you.

We hope you enjoyed comparing yourself to other great clubs across the country (and the world!). Stay tuned for more insights soon…