Meet the ClassForKids Team | Andy

Written by Sarah Ahmad

Welcome back to one of our favourite ClassForKids blog series! That’s right, it’s time for Meet The Team! Who are we talking about today then?

Well we’re happy to share with you a little bit about one of our talented Business Coaches, Andy! A charming and intelligent business coach by day, and an elegant ballet dancer by night, this pirouette extraordinaire will leave you smiling and breathless with his incredible classical choreographies and sassy personality.

Introduction to Andy

We all know that Andy is a mega performer when it comes to ClassForKids, but did you know that he’s also a professional ballet dancer?  That's right, with a foundation from The Dance School of Scotland and him graduating with a Dance and Drama Award Scholarship to study in Elmhurst with Birmingham Royal Ballet, Andy continued to reach for the stars with his incredible skills in ballet from a very young age!

Andy joined the ClassForKids family closer to the end of 2018 and continues to enhance the Business Coaching team by using his expertise and experience within the field of dance to share knowledge about how the UK’s best booking management system can benefit other coaches and clubs, especially those with a flair for arts and performances.

Alongside being a high-achiever Business Coach and a man with a huge heart, Andy is currently also a passionate dance teacher who teaches ballet to 2 dance schools and primary school students that are involved in an outreach program in Sighthill which is fully organised and funded by ClassForKids in collaboration with Morgan Sindall, a leading UK construction and regeneration group. 

Boy, does this guy have a huge collection of achievements under his belt. What a hustler! We wanted to learn more so we asked Andy some standard ClassForKids questions and here’s what he has to say:

What is your earliest memory?

“Probably visiting a Pokemon store in Florida, America”.

Which person do you most admire and why?

“Steven McRae, Principle Dancer at the Royal Ballet. Why? Because he’s gorgeous, amazing at ballet and is involved with a lot of fundraising!”.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

“Standing in a queue for a ride at Thorpe Park, to be keeked on by a bird and had to stay out all day with like 10 other people!”

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

“A ballet dancer 💃🏼”

What word or phrases do you overuse?


What is the worst job you have ever done?


We all love to talk about ClassForKids. Where was the weirdest place you found yourself talking about us?

“Behind stage, beside a stage and along with a theatre crew when I had to perform ballet haha!”.