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Top 10 Tips For Running a Successful Children’s Club

Congratulations. You’ve done it. Fulfilled a dream and started a kids activity club. Maybe you have recently launched or perhaps you are a seasoned pro with many years under your belt. Wherever you are in your growth cycle making a profit should be just as high on your to-do list as making a difference.

Our top tips can help you do that. In truth these are your top tips, harvested from a range of successful ClassForKids organisations who have enjoyed serious levels of rapid growth. Covering everything from interaction with children through to marketing tips, there will be something for everyone. If you have your own top tips, feel free to share those too!

1. Use multiple social platforms

Use multiple social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to market your business - the online world is evolving and it's not stopping for anyone. Social media is NOW and using multiple platforms can, in some cases, be FREE marketing for your business - use it to your advantage, as it really works.

2. Be consistent 

Build a brand that even those who don't attend your club/activity will recognise. That is the key to building a successful online following and improving brand awareness.

3. Engage often

Interact with your followings, post relevant and attractive content - something that is likely to catch your eye. It's an opportunity to separate yourself from competition and stand out for what you do best.

4. Be real - people relate to people.

Always stay grounded and remember that your customers are your most important asset. People react more positively to relatable experiences and successes, so post about these things and make it personal to your business/club.

5. Create a supportive and inclusive environment for all

an inclusive environment breaks boundaries, eliminates stereotypes and creates happy kids who feel like they can achieve anything.

6. Nurture what you have

And remember that loyalty translates into success for everyone involved.

7. Word of mouth is FREE marketing 

It's a reminder that staying true to yourself and nurturing students leads to further success.

8. Never compromise on quality.

You can even charge a premium for it.

9. Believe in your skills and ability 

Confident tutors and instructors leave a lasting impression on students, influencing a positive culture in your club/business.

10. Welcome feedback, however hurtful.  

It gives the opportunity for real and lasting improvement.

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