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Going Cashless with ClassForKids

Going Cashless with ClassForKids
Going Cashless with ClassForKids

In our fast-paced digitally-driven world, you’d be proud to learn that the United Kingdom, next to Singapore, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Canada and Belgium, is one of the top countries in the world and the top in Europe, that’s leading the cashless global economy with a marginal and expanding 52% of the population making cashless payment transactions and a whopping total of £21.21billion cashless transactions made in the whole of Europe (in 2015).

Okay but what do these numbers mean for club owners, coaches and parents? Well, to put it simply, ClassForKids is here to help you go cashless! We encourage everyone to adopt cashless solutions so that it’s easier for you to track your transactions, manage your payments and avoid any inconveniences like (and these are very common problems) not having enough cash for your children’s next class or needing to locate an ATM last minute or not having enough change to pay parents back! What a nuisance!

A fully cashless economy in the UK is fast approaching, and we’re here to help you jump on board the bandwagon to continue building and growing your clubs in parallel to the advancing digital landscape and evolving technology! With that in mind, in this blog post, we’ll share with you why going cashless is the way of the future:

Safer Payment Transactions

Cashless payment transactions mean whatever you decide to pay through digital mediums, you can immediately track back and make copies of your own statements to keep for yourself. If there’s anything suspicious or doubtful about a payment you’ve made, all the information is readily available for you to look back into and investigate! You don’t have to worry with ClassForKids though, we’re super safe and transparent, we promise!

(Source of image: PC Tech)Source of image: PC Tech

Extremely Convenient

As we move into a more digital landscape, it’s becoming more convenient, especially for busy parents, to carry less cash. Let’s be honest, who actually wants a ton of heavy £1 coins jingling away in their pockets? No one, really. But with new tools like contactless debit cards, Apple Pay and/or Android Pay, you can simply have either your debit card or just your phone on you to make payments on-the-go! With ClassForKids, it’s made even simpler because all you really need to do is book and pay for classes online! You don’t even need to have your wallet with you!

Improves General Efficiency

When you take away the need to pay with cash, efficiency rises as coaches and club owners get to solely focus on providing high quality education and training for their young students. Giving the children the attention that they deserve without the worry of financial administration will result in proper development of physical, social and creative skills! And guess what? That’s exactly what ClassForKids is doing for you! We give coaches and club owners the space to focus on their jobs, instead of getting stressed and distracted with financial admin. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Faster Services

The reality is, we as consumers expect services to be rapid and to keep up with our needs to finish jobs quickly. The traditional journey for cash payments is slowly becoming obsolete due to how slow-paced it is. Take for example the London Bus Transport system. Did you know that they allow you to use your contactless card to pay for bus fare? No more queues! No more coins! No more confusion! This is why ClassForKids fits perfectly within this scope too because we make cashless payments literally as easily as clicking just one button! No more forgetting to go to the ATM! No more carrying loose change! Just a quick and simple system that will ensure that you won’t want to go back to your old ways!

Cash will become Invisible

The reality is, cash is becoming more and more unnecessary as fintech continues to take over small and large businesses around the UK, including children’s activities clubs. According to the Bank of England, cash withdrawals continue to drop by 5% each year and by 2026, it’s predicted that cash will only be used by 21% of the population. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down so let’s be honest, better to get on it as quick as possible than be left behind by the masses right? There’s really no reason for you not to utilise ClassForKids for it’s cashless features and transaction solutions.

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