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Holistic Harmonies

Rachel Waite is a multi-talented entertainer and professional certified infant massage instructor who has recently started a hugely innovative business which cleverly weaves together her life experience, desire to help her community and a love of children. It’s this organic approach which has allowed Rachel to structure a programme designed to support, educate and entertain parents as well as babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.It has also helped pave the way for the most perfect name too; Holistic Harmonies.

‘The idea for Holistic Harmonies comes from everything I have ever done in my life and career’

Rachel Waite 

‘From a very young age I got a thrill from anything to do with singing and movement, it didn’t matter what, I just loved to move my body and use my voice… I just couldn’t stop’

It quickly became a passion and a vocation, yet I’d always felt drawn to being around babies and children too. The doors for performing jobs were often tightly locked when I knocked… yet I have NEVER had to search for jobs with children; the doors have always been flung open!  I followed these pathways and ended up working as a nanny and a music teacher in between jobs. These jobs kept coming thick and fast, over the years I have worked for Gymboree, Monkey Music and Tick Tock Music as well as being a nanny for families with babies as young as 4 weeks old.  

‘I studied contemporary dance at Middlesex University and afterwards gained a Masters in Professional Performance from Millennium Dance theatre school.‘

I had many wonderful experiences in my 20’s; touring Italy with Fame the musical, working with contemporary dance choreographer Darshan Singh Bhuller on a personal acting project of his, performing with Caburlesque on Britain’s Got Talent and reaching the semi finals, and working as a body double/stand in for Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1 & 2) was a highlight.

‘My life has gone full circle’

I always wanted to live in London; I wanted to be near the bright lights and part of the scene.  I came to study and train and then never left! 15 years later, I have had a million different jobs, an incredible array of experiences and made lots of friends.  However, I have begun to spend more time in Liverpool and I feel the city is sky rocketing! There is also now a big family scene, with all kinds of activities and courses on offer.  

'The idea for Holistic Harmonies comes from everything I have ever done in my life and career’

I have trained in a few different areas that all complement each other, so I decided to call my business Holistic Harmonies.  Music, movement and massage all work in a sub conscious way that bring healing, bonding, growth, joy, and an uplifting holistic experience. My programme at Holistic Harmonies brings all of these together; designed specifically for the families I work with who might like to try all these strings to create their own bow, to play their own harmonies!

‘I have big ambitions for the future’

Ultimately, I would like to buy a building, renovate the ground floor into studios and therapy rooms and live above it!  I would be able to teach all of my classes in my own house! I would also create a crèche in one room so that parents could go and have a group counselling session, acupuncture, a massage, do a yoga class etc for an hour baby free.  I would connect with local charities who help families who experience depression or have children with special needs and provide a creative, artistic programme of sessions to support their mental health needs.

‘The experience with ClassForKids has been really positive’

The company is a good fit for me. The support team is friendly and helpful and the dashboard clear and easy to use. It’s important to me that parents have a good experience with all aspects of Holistic Harmonies and being able to pay easily and keep on top of the details for their child is a big part of that !’


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