Getting the Paint on the canvas

Imaginatively and well-planned classes (employing low teacher-child ratios) helped Artzone to quickly grow to 5 staff members over 10 venues. A major challenge arrived in the shape of the recession in 2008, however some agile changes, including pushing teaching through schools, ensured no pupils were lost. An incredible achievement. Shortly thereafter even more classes were added to the schedule and the clunky spreadsheets used to manage classes and control revenue began to fray at the edges.

Creating a work of art

With year on year growth of 10%, the office was awash with paper; money placed in ziplock folders and the manual process of counting, logging and reconciling payments was becoming very onerous.

When pupil numbers hit 1,200 the strain began to show. The manual effort was massive, and there was a reduced focus on classes and parents; 3 members of staff were dealing with paperwork rather than working with kids or helping customers.

Not being able to chase trials, payments, or check attendance was a red flag, and the risk that pupils would not be able to re-enrol proved to be a turning point.

Producing a Masterpiece

Operations Director Paul was certain Artzone needed a software solution. After a very circuitous route (involving trials with a number of US & UK companies whose high costs ruled them out) ClassForKids was identified as a partner in September 2016. Paul took a very rigorous approach and completed an audit where 14 individual areas were reviewed, tested and generally put through their paces, to ensure the ClassForKids system was fit-for-purpose and able to cope with the demands of his club.

The solution needed to cope with 1200 pupils, re-run and organise for the next term quickly. And like painting by numbers, we filled in all the blanks.

Through a combination of commercial savvy and highly skilled teaching, today Artzone is Ireland’s leading art school for children. Enabling children aged 5 - 17 to express themselves, learn about the importance of art and simply have fun is hugely rewarding. And we have been there with them, canvassing for their success.

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