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Go further than you thought possible

Teaching kids and helping them to develop is a very rewarding profession but a warm feeling of inner-contentment isn’t often accepted as payment, most places still prefer credit cards. For a kids club to be truly successful it has to make money.

If you are successful it is good news for everyone. The better your business performs the more kids you will be able to teach and the longer you will be around to teach them. Making a profit should be just as high on your to-do list as making a difference.  

Like every other business, kids clubs make a profit by setting the right price and finding enough customers. If you keep your costs under control, charge the right price and have a nice long waiting list then you are in good shape to be profitable.

ClassForKids will put you right in front of the right parents and kids and make it easy for them to book your classes. Registers will fill up in no time and you’ll be getting the best out of your current schedule.

When you’re ready to grow the business you can easily spot your most profitable classes and put more of them on. With the ability to handle the extra admin and run a team of staff there really is no reason to worry about managing your business and increasing your profits.

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