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Welcome to the ClassForKids support and resource hub; a one stop shop for kid’s activity clubs to find useful information on how to navigate your way through challenging times. Our thought provoking content will empower you in making the right decisions in the challenges you and your club may face. 

In the news

CLASSFORKIDS CEO, NIKKI TH’NG recently appeared on STV’s Scotland Tonight Current Affairs Programme

‘Children’s clubs are a key part of any community and contribute to the well-being of those who attend. Businesses who run classes are having to suspend their services and in many cases this is causing real risk to their long-term survival. It’s very encouraging to see that parents are looking to support these clubs and take a proactive approach to their continuation.’

Future Proofing

Maintain Cash Flow

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In this time of uncertainty, the ClassForKids team is doing their best to keep up to date with Governmental information while at the same time creating useful content for kids clubs and academies.

If you believe that there is some important content we could develop and share, please fill in the suggestion box below and we will do our best to use our expertise in the field to come up with suggestions, templates and guidelines.