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Transform your Drama school with an intelligent, easy to use admin platform.


Conquer Communication

Communicate with parents in seconds at the touch of a button. Free up time to improve relationships or drive your club forward. Using the personalised dashboard, parents can take control of their child's information in one central location.

Admin and Class Registers

You run a dance school for children, the last thing you need to is to spend endless hours on time consuming admin. Now you can say hello to automated registers and class movements and hello to 10+ hours back in your week to grow your club.

Financial Forecasting

You know your club and your parents better than anyone. That's why our flexible payment options will suit everyone. Gone are the days of all or nothing income streams. Your club will benefit from steady payments without the invoice chase, while parents can pay on the go. It's a win-win for everyone.

"It is now much easier to manage the fees and registers and they always help out with any requests and tweaks that are needed.”

-Samantha, Acting Bugs

"Best decision I have made for all my admin needs."

“It has transformed my time in the office to back out doing what I love most - teaching and preparing for my clubs. The staff are always just an email or phone call away and the system is so easy to use and great for my customers."

- Hannah, Why Don't You Kids Club

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