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It’s simple: you want more kids coming in the door to maximise your revenue. And while getting more students in the door might sound simple, the reality can be very different.

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Easy For Parents

Our online management software takes care of your students registration and payments. Parents can book in 3 clicks, pay on the go and your club will benefit from steady payments without the invoice chase. Using the personalised dashboard, parents can take control of their child's information and bookings in one central location.

Everything in One Place

Your dance teachers can now focus on dance classes instead of admin. They can take attendance, organise class schedules, class trials, waiting lists and communicate with parents… all in one place! Your day to day life is now accessible from any device at any time, even offline!

Time to Grow

It doesn’t matter if you are a small school or an established dance studio: with our wide range of features, you can now focus on growing with 10+ hours back in your week. Use your data and financial overview to make smarter business decisions and leave the boring admin stuff to us.