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Grab a cuppa, bring your notepad and get ready to discover the power of Facebook advertising.

Our Facebook Marketing series is made up by 6 bite-size videos and the whole course will last approximately 50 minutes. You can watch the series in order, come back at a later date or skip to the tutorial that fits your businesses needs. Happy watching!

This Facebook Marketing Series has been designed for kids activity clubs just like yours! By the end of this series, you’ll understand how to stand out from the crowd, what techniques will make your ads attract attention and how to convert interest to paying customers. Our latest series will help you achieve the results you’ve been looking for by looking at BRAND, CONNECTION, CREATIVITY, AD SET-UP and RESULTS.

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Ever wondered what branding really means and why is it important? Did you know it’s more than just colours and logos? In this video we talk about the 4 key areas your business should be focusing on to really stand out from the crowd.


Stand Out From the Crowd With Your Social Media Channels 

10 Steps to Mastering Instagram

10 Musts For The Perfect Facebook Page

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Discover techniques that will help you create an authentic connection with your customers and build a relationship that lasts. We’ll be talking about practical messaging and copy techniques that will resonate with your audience and convert them from click to customer.

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Ever wondered how you attract customers to your ads? Want to know what will make you POP on their timeline? In this video we take a look at ad creative that we know works time and time again.

Find out more about how to make your ads engaging and discover how to overcome design issues by using the links below:

Facebook Ads Guide: Video Tip and Tricks

Facebook Ads Guide: Carousel Tip and Tricks

Facebook Ads Guide: Image Tip and Tricks

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Ad Set-Up

We take the mystery out of Facebook ads and show you step by step how to set up an ad campaign using the lead generation objective. This is a strategy that we know works for clubs so feel free to try it for your business!

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In this very quick video we show you what metrics matter and how to clearly track what ads are working with a customised report. Hey presto! You now have a fully functioning Facebook ad campaign!

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