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The Start

Putting the children first has allowed for a flexible programme that cleverly delivers hands on learning, improved levels of concentration, great teamwork and lots and lots of fun! And for those parents who are concerned about the time their little ones spend online, classes offer the perfect antidote.

Working in teams is a great way to encourage social interaction. By running two well-structured clubs Barbara and her highly trained team are able to tailor to all childrens needs. It's the perfect outcome really. Clayrazy is the ideal way to create and experiment with clay and can help develop confidence while Bricks4Kidz helps childrens potential by encouraging their curiosity and creativity. And the best part? Material is playfully delivered within STEM based principles. So children are learning while enjoying themselves. Classes are suitable for primary stage children aged 5-12 and currently take place in locations around Belfast, including around 20 local primary schools.


ClassForKids' Solution and the Results

There is a scenario to suit all needs. Parents looking for a unique after school club could see their little one build a themed character with class mates. For those looking for that perfect birthday party experience 3D modelling is a great way to have fun, with the added bonus that children can take the model home - a lovely memento of a great day. Let's not forget about school holiday daycare.

Signing up children for a workshop where they can make new friends and get to grips with lego takes care of of any days where the kids might be at a loose end. The friendly and experienced team also provide support within special/additional needs facilities. By adapting the existing programme and tailoring it, allows for creative experiences to suit any group requirement. Where do ClassForKids come into the picture? Working with us has allowed all online bookings to be processed swiftly and securely. Its the preferred method of payment for the club with the benefit that those parents who have paid in advance are less likely to drop out on the day of the class. ClassForKids offers the building blocks for all kids clubs. Why not see what we can do for your business.


Learning through creative play is the experience most parents want for their children. And that’s exactly what Barbara and the team at BricksForkids and Clayrazy deliver. 


Dundonald, Northern Ireland

Kids Industry:

Creative play workshops

It's been such a positive experience working with ClassForKids, the platform is exactly what we need and support has been brilliant"

- Barbara, Clayrazy
Learning Through Creative Play