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Growing While Having Fun

Dance Republic Scotland | ClassForKids

Creating an environment that encourages children to be who they want to be is top priority at Dance Republic Scotland. Owner Jen has been running the dance studio since 2021 and has already doubled the number of students coming through their doors. But what are the key ingredients to her success? Let’s find out...






When Passion Becomes Purpose


Jen has been dancing since the age of 2, and her passion for dance has remained constant. At the age of 19, she was studying for a degree in science, but when she took over a dance programme at Camp America, she found her true calling. So she quit her degree and became a full-time dancer. After trying to open her own dance school numerous times, Jen had the opportunity of a lifetime when her cousin asked her to take over Dance Republic Scotland. Jen’s instinct kicked in, and she’s never looked back. Although taking over the studio during a pandemic may have scared other people, Jen felt it was an opportunity she should grab with both hands.


“The dance studio is my home away from home - it's a family enviroment, and everybody loves that.”


Jen’s created an environment that both students and staff love! It’s important to Jen that her team and students have fun in class; it’s a place to enjoy yourself and learn at the same time. Because of this, staff and students come to the dance studio for the long haul.


A Culture to be Desired


Jen believes that the culture she’s created is the reason that students leave with lifelong friends. But it’s also been responsible for the surge in growth that Jen’s seen over the past year. Thanks to this, Jen’s eyes are now firmly set on growing the business into new areas. 


But as the business continues to grow, it’s crucial for Jen that customer service remains a central focus for her and the team. For Jen, every customer matters and personal touches are really important - that’s why she teaches over 60% of classes. But as with every growing dance studio, there came a time where basic tasks became a nuisance. 


Taking payments required an extra person. Parents would often carry payments over a few weeks because they never had the right money - making cash flow a complete nightmare. There were frequent queues to get booked into classes on the day meaning classes never started on time, so Dance Republic Scotland began to look for a new team member…

The Perfect Addition to the Team


The ClassForKids system was the perfect solution for the dance studio. Now managing bookings and payments are a breeze, and cash flow is no longer the nightmare it once was. Using the ClassforKids system saves Jen over 20 hours in admin every week, allowing her to spend more time focusing on choreography, planning summer schools, advertising and growing the business.


“I physically couldnt live without ClassForKids!”


As Jen thinks about growing the studio, the ClassForKids system will play an important role in reducing admin time and making it easier for parents to book and pay for classes. She no longer has to worry about how she’ll manage payments as her customers pay on a monthly basis through the ClassForKids system. 


And for her customers, booking has never been easier. Customers can book 24/7 and Jen is notified immediately. It makes managing the business easier and allows Jen to focus on growing the business - whether that’s in classes building her reputation or advertising the school.


“I would honestly say if you had a dance school of more than 20 people and you plan to grow, you should start ClassForKids now. Even if you’re a bit of a technophobe, the support team is SO responsive. Definitely go for it!


Jen tells us her favourite thing about the ClassForKids system…

“My favourite thing about the ClassForKids system is having parents details at the touch of a button! Whether it’s medical issues, marketing consent or club-specific questions - you’re no longer scrolling through a mountain of paperwork! For me, it makes everything safer and faster.


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