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The Start

While in her final year of university studying Science, Physics and Maths, Syd came up with the idea of the business; engaging kids aged 4-10 to learn in a fun and creative way. Initially the workshops focussed on writing skills and each week the children would be guided through a topic by ‘femtinos’ (tiny alien creatures) who would take the children on a journey through storytelling. This highly engaging approach was loved by parents and children alike and helped win the business a ‘Creative Pioneers’ award in 2012.

Understanding how important a teaching qualification was, Syd took time out in order to become fully qualified and went on to teach A level physics and maths to college students for several years. Splitting her time between teaching and running her business, she would spend most weekends organising and delivering workshops locally. The processes required to support and control bookings, payments and parent communications were entirely manual at this time.


The Challenge

In June 2017 Syd made the decision to quit teaching and invest full-time in growing Femtinos. Starting with 9 staff, pupil numbers quickly began to grow and from launch in September 2017 to now, there are over 150 Femtinos benefitting from Syds innovative and fun approach. Aged 3-16 these lucky pupils have come from as far afield as London and Brighton to take part. From the outset Syd was certain that a system was needed to help manage workshops and bookings.


ClassForKids' Solution and the Results

Initially a bespoke solution was considered however this proved to be hugely expensive; listing on events platforms proved to need too much maintenance and didn’t work for Femtinos either. A bit of serendipity came into play with a chance finding of ClassForKids on Facebook. Syd messaged us, we instantly replied and set up a demo. Syd was delighted and knew this was what she had been looking for. The ability to organise workshops, manage payments and keep admin time down was the optimal solution. Being able to see children’s medical and emergency details is a particular favourite of our favourite scientist. The nucleus of this successful club is Syd’s energetic fusion of love for inspiring young learners with her creative thinking and scientific approach. And we have been there too, our platform providing and maintaining the momentum required to power this growing business. Looking to create symbiosis for your business? See what our kids club management software can do for you. Get in touch today and book a free demo.


Syd's Top Tips

"Children are natural born scientists; feed their curiosity by giving them something memorable to remember for weeks, months and even years! Be it the poo making workshop, where they simulated the digestive system, created mini toilets and produced a lump of poo with food! Or the dissection Lab Day where dissecting hearts, lungs and eyes inspired that 8 year old to aim to be a surgeon." "Be the change you want to see in the world by being the role model for the children."


This science boffin has been workshops for children since 2011, creating a signature style through a 'fusion' of scientific and creative thinking.


Birmingham, England

Kids Industry:

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) workshops

It has everything I need to run my business.I love that you are constantly adding new features and re-freshing the system."

- Syd, Femtinos
A winning formula