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3 TO 1

The starting point and the Challenge

Jumping in at the deep end, Kalie started Mighty Swimmers with 5 pupils and is now running swimming classes at 6 different locations, with 7 different teachers teaching 440 pupils. Want to be like Kalie? Find out how ClassForKids can help your swimming business cut through the paperwork faster than a Tom Daley dive..

Kalie Phillips created Mighty Swimmers when after working for another swim school, she was continuously approached for private and more regular lessons. It was her huge passion for teaching swimming and her desire to be able to teach pupils weekly in order to meet individual needs, that lead her to branch out. So with the support of her family, she set up her own swim club, Mighty Swimmers. 'I started teaching weekly under my new registered company with just 5 pupils, but this very quickly grew and I soon found that I had a big waiting list, but not enough time to give myself to teach.' It was this realisation that lead Kalie to seek out ClassForKids booking management system. With this new partnership and taking on her first assistant, things grew from there. 'Although very ironically I no longer teach as much as I did in the beginning, I love that I get to oversee and grow a company meeting my customer's needs..'

Mighty Swimmers with Kalie's leadership and ClassForKids help went from 5 pupils to running swimming classes at 6 different locations, with 7 different teachers and the future looks even brighter..


ClassForKids' Solution

"We joined ClassForKids when a parent sent us a recommendation and we have found it has completely changed the way we work in the office! As Carolyn said we were anxious about the transition but it was seamless." Kalie “Go for it, don't hesitate. It's the best thing that we've ever done.. The effect of ClassForKids on our admin time had just been phenomenal. We would spend all day just answering calls, replying to emails, chasing up payments, now it's freed her up massively, now we can spend more time for moving the business forward." Carolyn, Office Manager.

Mighty Swimmers are now affiliated with Scottish Swimming and over the last 2 years, we designed our own specialised swim program. "With our new ClassForKids system bookings run smoothly in the background and this has saved us so much time and money. Our ambitions has been to be able to build my own swimming pool so that we could provide all our mighty Swimmers lessons under one roof and offer lessons for everyone in the community. With ClassForKids this is possible, thank you to everyone one of you who has helped us!" Kalie If you want to take it up a level like Kalie, then dive into the ClassForKids system.


The outcome

Mighty Swimmers which currently teach from 3 years old all the way up to adult, ranges from complete nervous non-swimmer up to competitive swimmer wishing to improve their strokes. They are also currently working towards becoming a specialised autism swim school.

"With ClassForKids we are now able to concentrate on what matters, which is the running of our lessons. We went from 3 to 1 system which free’s up time to allow us to work to the same values, and work to the same goal, following our Mighty Swimmers learn to swim pathway." Kalie, Club Owner. "We feel we are unique for various reasons; we believe that all our pupils are individual and should be treated as such and the ClassForKids system allows us to do that. Therefore we design our weekly lessons around our pupils and do our best to meet each individual's needs and requirements. I absolutely adore my job and can honestly say I have the best job in the world!"


Making a splash in the swimming world is Kalie Phillips, Director and founder of Mighty Swimmers. The swimming club, launched in 2013 and has been with ClassForKids since mid-2018.


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ClassForKids has completely changed the way we work in the office! We are now able to concentrate on what matters, which is the running of our lessons ."

- Kalie, Mighty Swimmers