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I am a big rugby fan and came to the UK from South Africa, 18 years ago. At that time I had planned a big world tour which I thought would see me visit Australia, teach rugby then move on. Well, my tour started and ended here in Ormiston! I started work as a PE teacher and loved it so much that I stayed. It's a great job and I have enjoyed working with so many different children over the years.

That's where the idea of the club began. Seeing first hand how parents struggle for childcare through holidays motivated me start the camp. Early days we had about 20 pupils, now there are well over 300.



As the business grew, initially through word of mouth, I had to recruit more staff to help with the growing attendance numbers. I also had to continually develop the programme to ensure there was enough variety of activities on offer for the children. As things grew they also became more complex. Our schedule allows for maximum flexibility for parents  - early drop offs, late pick ups, half days.

And of course these plans can often change last minute if the weather is sunny for instance and parents take their kids to the beach instead! Running everything on spreadsheets and bits of paper was beginning to really creak and I knew then that I needed a better way of working. I needed a system.



I found ClassForKids on facebook. What I really liked was the ease of use of the software and the fantastic support. There was no question too trivial. They really understood my pain points and that shows in the product. I now feel more in control of the business. I can manage schedules and registers at the click of a button, invoice and monitor payments too. My favourite part is being able to do this on my phone - I can manage my business while on the go. The experience for parents is 100% better too. They can book in and even change in line with their busy schedules.



Sooner or later you will need a solution and the ClassForKids solution is the best their is. The time I have saved has helped me develop the programme which is better for the kids and keeps them happy. At the end of the day its all about them!


Caz Becker is the owner of Roaring Lions Activity Camp, a successful activity business which runs through all major school holidays. With over 300+ children typically attending in one week and running a variety of classes and schedules being organised is key. 


Ormiston Rivers Academy, Essex

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Activity Camp

'It’s brilliant working with ClassForKids, we've been able to be more organised, stay on top of often complex schedules and grow the business!'

- Caz Becker, Roaring Lions Activity Camp