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Pushing boundaries in dance is the eponymous Simon from Edinburgh based Simon says Dance (SSD). And pushing boundaries in business is his partner Craig. Between them they have grown this innovative dance school from a handful of students to a programme of over 900 - and counting. Not only has this successful duo developed a wide range of classes they have also developed the business with new showcase headquarters.

Looking to do the same? Read on to find out how to plan a winning performance.


The beginnings and the Challenge

Keeping on top of admin in the early days of the business was very manual with paper based invoicing and record keeping. That quickly became unsustainable as the school rapidly grew. Within 12 - 16 months processes were at breaking point. With 550 students and new dance classes constantly being developed a way forward was needed - and fast. Part one of that solution was Craig who joined from a business and HR background and brought a strong commercial focus. Part two was the task of sourcing a system to help support the growing number of dance classes. That’s where we came in.

After speaking with an enjoy-a-ball franchisor who recommended our kids activity booking system, Craig booked a demo and was so impressed that SSD quickly ditched the spreadsheets and transitioned to the platform in 2017.


CLASSFORKIDS' Solution and the Outcome

According to Craig, the platform has ‘drastically reduced our admin time as a club, which allows us to focus on other key areas of our business - leading to positive business growth. It's a complete no-brainer.’ With the system in place SSD have been able to focus on marketing and have gone on to build a new website as well as establish a strong social presence through facebook, youtube and instagram channels. In turn this has contributed to the growth of the business. One aspect which was particularly gratifying for the school was the way parents embraced the ability to book and pay for their children’s classes online.

Feedback to SSD has suggested that they enjoy the convenience of accessing bookings online through a personalised dashboard. Where are SSD now? Due to their successful management the school is running 65 classes per week, developing several new dance types, and has a program of over 900 students. And if that wasn’t enough, they are also moving to a new headquarters and dance studio just outside of Edinburgh.


Pushing boundaries in dance are the eponymous Simon and Craig from Simon says Dance (SSD). Not only has this successful duo developed a wide range of classes they have also developed the business with new showcase headquarters. 



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Invoicing has been improved markedly - we didn’t have full control before, now we know which parents have booked and paid - and those who haven’t!"

- Craig, Simon Says Dance