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It was during a volunteering trip to Bali in 2015 that the idea of a setting up children’s yoga school got into ‘first pose’. Lorna had been travelling and meditating on her past experience working with toddlers and children with special needs. By combining her love of yoga with a successful marketing and branding career in London, Lorna had created the perfect platform to establish a yoga school aimed at toddlers and young people. Her vision to bring calm to little minds and bodies has been achieved through story-telling, games & adventure.


The Challenge

Now the decision was made, Lorna put her marketing skills to good use. First by surveying parents to assess likely demand and then by planning classes and leafleting the local area. Crucially she recognised a need to educate parents who may be more familiar with other types of activities, that yoga could be hugely beneficial for children. She managed this perfectly and with all elements in harmony, Yogi Buds took its first sun salutation in September 2016. To begin with classes ran with only 2 or 3 children in attendance and processes to manage the school were manual. Parents were paying in cash, registers were paper based and there was no mechanism to chase overdue invoices. As more children joined and Lorna expanded classes offering added 1:1 sessions, it became clear that a more sustainable system was needed.


ClassForKids' Solution

Now in a growth phase it became clear that a more sustainable solution was needed in order to manage the development of the school. At the end of 2016 a fork in the road appeared and Lorna looked at two options; either hiring an administrator or looking at a digital solution. Through the Yogi Buds registration on the ClassForKids listings site, Lorna accessed a free demo of our club management software and, recognising the balance it would bring to Yogi Buds processes, signed up immediately.


The Results

Today this inclusive yoga school couldn’t image running classes without the ClassForKids system. Now with a roll of 35 children and 2 teaching staff and ready to launch a new website, the school is looking forward to working with the wider community. Helping Lorna achieve this has been the ClassForKids systems - facilitating payments, managing registers and assigning coaches to classes. And we can do the same for you. If your mantra is to save money and work more efficiently, get in touch, book a demo and see how to get organised, manage registers and receive payments quicker.


This community focused founder of children’s yoga school, Yogi Buds, was able to grow her business in a way that embodies her values. Now she is poised for further growth. With a new website in the pipeline, 40 pupils and 2 teaching staff everything is in harmony.


Ewell, England

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Yoga School

One of the best parts for me though has been the support. Throughout the process if I had a question it was always responded to quickly. That gave me a great sense of reassurance."

- Lorna, Yogi Buds