Getting more kids in the door: Dance Inc. Studios x ClassForKids

A dream turned into reality

Louise’s passion for dance comes from the positive experiences she had as a child. Dance was a crucial factor in building her confidence and taught her many of the life skills she’s applied to her own business today. Inspired by her dance teacher, Louise knew she wanted to give young people a unique experience. And shortly after qualifying with a degree in dance, Louise took over Dance Inc. Studios at the age of 23.

“I always viewed myself as a business owner rather than a professional dancer.”

In the early days of business, Louise was doing everything from teaching to admin to accounts. But having a clear vision of how the studio should operate meant time management was crucial. Creating a space for children to build their confidence in a fun environment wasn’t something Louise was prepared to compromise on...

Hiring the right staff allowed Louise to become the business owner she always wanted to be. Having a reliable team offers greater flexibility for Louise to take time out when she needs it and focus on taking the business to its full potential.

Tapping into potential

Recent growth in the business has been the result of understanding what their customers want. Dance Inc. Studios now offers a variety of different dance styles and greater flexibility in lessons. Because of their clear vision and desire to make classes more convenient for parents, the studio's popularity boomed.

“Growth comes from being able to work on the school, and not within it!”

But with the high demand for dance classes, day to day tasks quickly became unmanageable. Although Louise had previously used dance booking software, it lacked key features including; registers, waiting lists and required more manual work. It was then Louise began the search for a new team member.

See solution

Finding a new team player

Following several parent recommendations, Louise looked at the ClassForKids system. She wanted something that would make it easier for her customers to book and pay for classes, and for new customers to find classes.  After visiting the website, looking at the parent booking side and seeing other clubs that use the ClassForKids system, Louise decided to add ClassForKids to her squad.

“After seeing the other businesses using the system, I thought ClassForKids must be good!”

Using the ClassForKids system has made running the business more efficient and has helped get more kids in the door. Many of the businesses processes are now automated meaning the customer journey is much more positive.

Using the system has also allowed Louise to focus her time on diversifying her business offerings. While the system takes care of the day to day, Louise has started to coach other dance schools on how to reach their aspirations. For Louise, this comes down to streamlining processes and knowing your vision.  

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