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The Enjoy-a-Ball programme is designed for kids between the ages of three and nine and classes are run with an emphasis on fun, using ball games to develop basic hand-eye ball coordination. A sport-specific element is then added to help develop confidence across a range of different ball sports.

From the outset Warwick knew that not one size would fit all. While he was unequivocal about franchise holders upholding the Enjoy-a-Ball ethos of developing life skills in a fun way, he was open to the individual aims of franchise holders. He said: ‘I was happy with the mum who wanted to run classes for 3 days per week to fit her schedule or equally for someone looking to grow. The idea of people taking responsibility for their own business was very appealing.’

Marketing 20 years ago was very different from today. Difficult as it is to imagine there were no social channels or websites to spread the word. Instead Warwick relied on leaflet drops and word of mouth. Both proved successful and within 3 years Enjoy-a-Ball had 8 franchisees.

The model was a success with those looking to run their own business within a supported environment. As a result growth continued steadily over the years leading to 40 people now proud Enjoy-a-Ball franchise holders. While territories are primarily based in Scotland and the North of England, Warwick has also branched out internationally with 10 franchisees in India.


Working in Partnership with ClassForKids'

And the development of the model continues. Warwick is now: ‘looking to divide into smaller regions and appoint a master franchise for that area.’ Communication is a key component of success for Enjoy-a-Ball. Franchisees talk to each other, sharing tips and advice and Warwick is on hand to guide the aims of each franchisee. For my part I enjoy help them to get to the level they want.’’ He said modestly.

What’s also at the core of their success is ClassForKids. Working in partnership with Warwick and his franchisees since 2016, the platform was developed specifically to support the franchise model. Warwick describes the development of the system as a ‘highly collaborative experience.’

When asked about why it works so well for his business, he replied: ‘The system is fantastic. It has eased our admin and in many ways mirrors exactly the business model of Enjoy-a-Ball. Before the ClassForKids system was in place it was spreadsheets, google drives; It was laborious and disjointed. Now we have a tangible connection in running clubs more efficiently.’ It’s those shared values that delivers the best results for both businesses. Using the ClassForKids platform at an individual club level leave allows franchisees to gain control of their admin activities, meaning they can work with Warwick to develop business growth plans. His favourite feature? ‘Too difficult to say’ he replied. Waiting lists certainly gets the thumbs up. Parents also give the platform a thumbs up. ‘They love it, the ability to book and pay for classes online, brings them right up to date with their online lives.’

Check back in 2038 and see how much further Enjoy-a-Ball and ClassForKids have gone. If you can’t wait until then, get in touch to book a free demo for your club today!.


In 1998 Warwick Dredge arrived in Scotland with a clear vision. The former Triathlete from South Africa was looking to get the out of shape kids activities sector into peak form. Twenty years on and he is one of the most successful kids club franchisors in the country.


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The system is fantastic.
It has eased our admin and in many ways mirrors exactly the business model of Enjoy-a-Ball!"

Warwick Dredge, Founder Enjoy-a-Ball