The secret to running a successful gymnastics club

Wendy is a successful former gymnast and Active Schools coordinator who is a huge advocate of gymnastics. Along with Ruth Gibson, a past Commonwealth gymnasts and Wendy’s former coach, she established Hamilton Gymnastics in 2007. The guiding principle for their business has always been to build a programme that allowed anyone access to the sport, regardless of skill level or background.

Starting with only 20 children, they now to have over 1400  attending classes every week and are one of the best known clubs in the area.

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The Challenge

As the club grew, so did the challenges. It became clear early on that the mounting spreadsheets and ever growing waiting lists were taking up valuable coaching time.

“One of our biggest headaches before adopting the system was keeping track of waiting lists.... it was really hard to keep track of who got into the club and maintain order. My favourite feature is Email and SMS. I can send messages to all 1400 members if I wanted to. We can now email out everybody at once, and it's just brilliant."

Spending four hours every day collecting payments, medical information and marking attendance was a huge task for all coaches. But with the ClassForKids system taking care of this, coaches at Hamilton Gymnastics club can focus on what they do best.

ClassForKids joined the squad

Wendy, Ruth and her team at Hamilton Gymnastics refer to the ClassForKids system as their "digital admin assistant." With so much growth over the past few years, the team needed an efficient solution to take care of the admin work. Now the children benefit from more time with their coaches, coaches benefit from instant payment and easy management of information, and the parents benefit from a seamless online payments and booking processes.

“As a club, our recreational and our pre-school programmes are very important and the aim for these gymnasts is that they eventually get to compete. So now that I have more time, it means that myself and the other Head Coach, Ruth, can actually spend more time in the gym coaching and help produce champions! We’re relieved that we have this quality system that works all the time”

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