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Meet Jaynie, a successful, Performing Arts Academy owner based in Manchester who constantly found time escaping from her day. Instead of focusing on the business, Jaynie spent most of her time processing payments, managing parent communications and everyday admin.

Fast forward a few years, Jaynie regularly sees 300+ kids a week. And she’s even grown by 40% in the past year! But what’s the secret to her success?

Jaynie started her own business at the age of 21, with just 4 students attending classes. But with an ethos centred on friendliness and non-competitive classes, it quickly began growing. Now Jaynie’s customers are invested in the business just as much as she is!  

“As soon as you walk into J Star, you’ll feel the friendly atmosphere… It’s a happy place… We want them to be better versions of themselves each day!”

Opportunities were falling through the cracks 

But as with any growing business, admin quickly took over Jaynie’s time. And because so much time was spent managing paper registers, communicating with customers via text, WhatsApp and Facebook, and chasing payments, Jaynie knew change was needed.

Because so much of her time was spent managing the day to day stuff, Jaynie couldn’t find the time to focus on her goals for the business. Growth and additional classes were set firmly on the sidelines. So Jaynie started searching for a solution to her problems. 

After looking at a few options, Jaynie realised she needed something that would manage everything for her - from communication to register management to payment - so she could grow her business. And that’s when ClassForKids joined the J Star community. 

“When you have a passion, and you want to open your own business, unfortunately, it gets taken over by admin, but nobody wants that! But with ClassForKids, you can rest and enjoy what you’re doing!"

One place to manage everything 

Since using the ClassForKids system, the academy has gone from strength to strength. Now Jaynie has everything she needs in one system, and all of her processes are automated! The benefit? It means Jaynie’s customers can now book and pay online and receive their communication on the back of that. 

It also means that for Jaynie and her 18 teachers, marking attendance can be done in one click, and they can see medical information at a glance. Thanks to the support she’s received from the award-winning Customer Success team at ClassForKids, Jaynie’s grown her academy by 40% in the past year(yep! That was growth she saw during the pandemic!). 

“Everything’s easier for parents as well because they know what’s coming out of their bank accounts each month! Subscriptions are just SO simple!”

Part of this was down to Jaynie using the subscriptions feature the ClassForKids system has to offer. This allows Jaynie’s customers to pay for classes every month throughout the year rather than large fees every term. And subscriptions have even improved Jaynie’s cash flow. Previously she would have struggled for income during the summer, but because fees are over the year, it means she now has regular income every month.

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