From Chaos to Efficiency: How Jungle Sports Found Success

Explore how this dynamic duo's passion for empowering Australian children through fun activities and sports led to doubling their income

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Western Australia
Joined ClassForKids
January 2019

From disorganised chaos to success and growth

Jungle Sports is on a mission to empower children across Australia with fun and exciting activities that encourage social skills and increase confidence. Thanks to their passion for business, ambitious duo Andrew and Claire regularly see 1000 kids across 50 classes every week. And it’s thanks to this that they've doubled their income in the previous year. 

With a background in sports and managing swimming clubs in London, Andrew and Claire acquired Jungle Sports after relocating to Australia in 2016. But Andrew and Claire had a big vision for the business: they wanted to create healthy lifestyles for families and get kids across Western Australia to love sports. That’s why parents are actively involved in classes.  

“The children are there for a good time… we provide the perfect platform for development before they go to school. The idea is you're providing classes that give parents and kids a really healthy lifestyle!”

Running a range of classes from term-time sessions to holiday camps to school classes for children aged 18 months to 6 years old, Andrew and Claire quickly established an ethos their customers resonated with. But it wasn’t just creating great classes Andrew and Claire were focused on.

With demand soaring, Andrew and Claire knew building their brand and a seamless customer experience was key to expanding the business. But the journey to success hasn’t always been plain sailing. 

Monstrous spreadsheets causing operational headaches

As with any growing business, processes that started out as manageable became monstrous. A few names on a spreadsheet turned into an admin headache; handling multiple payment streams became chaotic, and managing registers turned into mountains of paperwork. And with such big plans for the business, Andrew and Claire knew something needed to change. 

“We had disorganised chaos and excel spreadsheets galore! We needed a platform that could record attendance and contact parents quickly!”

So they began to search for a solution that would help them overcome the day to day issues and something that would manage their growth strategy. And that's when ClassForKids joined the team. 

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Gone are the days of scattered customer data, chaotic payments, and long nights spent on admin management! Since using the ClassForKids system, there’s less time spent handling cash and manual enrolments.  Everything is now a smooth process, from the first interaction to kids being in class. 

Brighter days ahead with ClassForKids

It’s not just the day-to-day that’s improved for Jungle Sports; it’s the big picture stuff too! With the ClassForKids system, Andrew and Claire can make decisions about their club’s growth based on financial data that’s right in front of them. Thanks to this, they’ve now opened 16 venues across Western Australia and have big plans for the future.

With such a rapid expanse, managing the customer experience and business standards wasn’t something they were willing to compromise on. Since using the system, they’ve found it easier to onboard new coaches too! Having everyone on the same system makes managing the day to day easier, but it’s also a vital tool for growth.

Over the next few years, Andrew and Claire are looking to expand throughout Australia and run over 100 classes every week in Western Australia. With greater capabilities and access to financial information at the touch of a button, the ClassForKids system will play an important role in the future at Jungle Sports.

"Three words to describe ClassForKids? Organised, easy, streamlined."


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