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As someone who’s always had a passion for swimming, Kalie decided to dive in at the deep end and start her swimming empire, Mighty Swimmers. Driven by her passion for the sport and giving children new skills, Mighty Swimmers has gone from strength to strength. 

Kalie now sees over 250+ pupils every week coached by 7 staff members across 6 locations.

See how!

Taking a plunge into the unknown

Having taught at various swimming clubs over the years, Kalie’s talent for coaching created demand from parents for private lessons. So Kalie took the plunge to become a full-time business owner and started Mighty Swimmers with just five pupils.

Kalie’s success in business comes from her passion and approach to teaching children. Mighty Swimmers focus on treating each child as an individual and giving them skills for life - including confidence and core lifesaving skills. But it’s also important to Kalie that children have fun and enjoy what they’re doing. 

And thanks to this coaching style, demand for classes at Mighty Swimmers grew through impressive waitlists. This gave Kalie confidence to add new additions to her team to help her support business growth. 

Dream business, nightmare processes

But even with a bigger team and 3 admin management systems, running classes and finding time to teach became unmanageable. Most of Kalie’s days were spent answering emails and phone calls, or juggling systems to complete basic tasks. 

Kalie knew that to grow, she needed help with overseeing the business, a better way to manage daily tasks and meet customer needs. So Kalie started searching for a different type of team member… 

An game-changing squad member 

Having invested time and effort into building the club’s reputation, Kalie wanted to take her business to the next level. And that’s when ClassForKids joined the team at Mighty Swimmers. 

Moving from 3 systems to 1 has drastically improved the club’s operations and allows them to focus on doing what they love: providing quality swimming classes to children. Gone are the days of chaos. With the ClassForKids system, bookings, payment information and communication is now streamlined and in one place. 

And with payments and bookings completed online by parents, Kalie and her team have time to focus on the business’s long-term goals, class quality and ways to move the business forward.

Gliding towards a successful future.

The future for Mighty Swimmers looks bright. Taking payment via monthly subscriptions has helped shape the future of the club. Now Kalie can see what money is coming in and make business decisions - like new hires, investments and venue space - based on data that’s in front of her. And don’t just take our word for it, here’s what one of Might Swimmer’s parent has to say.

“The money comes off every month… I used to dread finding cash for payment. But now I can book and pay for classes in three clicks, and it's all done and dusted!

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