From Kickoff to Victory Lap: PlayitLoveit's Unstoppable Rise, Fueled by Innovation and Support from ClassForKids

See how John experience exponential growth and community-building success by seamlessly integrating ClassForKids to streamline operations.

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February 2019

PlayitLoveit expands with support from ClassForKids

Self-described as a football academy being part of something bigger, PlayitLoveit provides innovative, forward-thinking coaching to children in Aberdeen and its surrounding areas - and has done since 2018.

John began the academy teaching 11 children in weekly classes. But to achieve his vision, he needed to create an academy with a difference. And that’s where building strong relationships with parents has played a pivotal role.

Thanks to this, the academy is now 20x bigger with John regularly seeing over 200+ kids attending classes each week!

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Creating an environment with a difference

John knew quality and service were pivotal to growth. To push the boundaries, he combined his experience from professional clubs, including Arsenal and Crystal Palace Ladies, to create a unique learning environment where creativity and community would take centre stage.

Creating a space for children to learn in a fun way has been key to John’s success. And the community h's built, based on recognition and achievement, is what sets him apart from his competitors.

Community comes first

But it wasn’t just the kids John focused on; customer relationships were also on his radar. Why? Because he quickly realised growth wasn’t solely reliant on the learning environment. He knew creating a sleek customer journey had a part to play.

Thanks to this, the academy has gone from strength to strength. Over the last 3 years, John has seen a huge number of trails coming through the doors of PlayitLoveit. And because children and parents love the academy’s culture, trials are easier to convert after their first time on the pitch!

John understood operational change was inevitable with rapid growth. Spreadsheets, emails and paper were no longer reliable team players if he wanted to sustain growth. And that’s when he signed ClassForKids to his team!

"Since using the ClassForKids system, we’ve progressed very quickly! It’s drastically changed our numbers, made things so much easier, and allows us to plan ahead!"

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A great kickoff with ClassForKids

Customers always come first at PlayitLoveit. So when John decided to add ClassForKids to his squad in 2019, booking, paying and communication had to be simple!

Since using the ClassForKids booking system, John no longer spends 2 hours every day chasing payments. Now, over 40% of customers at PlayItLoveIt pay via monthly subscriptions giving the academy a steady stream of cash flow and makes classes even more affordable for parents.

Keeping his goals in sight

Getting time back has helped the academy reach new growth goals. John now offers classes across 11 venues every week - and there are plans for more! Using a system like ClassForKids gives John a solid foundation for his business. Now he's able to plan for the future by analysing monthly revenue and data over a few years to spot consistent trends, all of which fuel growth.

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