SupaStrikers: Kickstarting Success and Franchising Triumph with ClassForKids

Find out how Andy and Carolyn thrived by expanding their business through franchising, and how they plan for global growth with ClassForKids.

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March 2019

Franchising across the UK with support from ClassForKids

Dynamic duo Andy and Carolyn have been running SupasStikers for over 15 years. Focused on teaching children between the ages of 2 and 5, SupaStrikers provide fun football sessions while giving kids the core skills to go onto developing their techniques.

Through hard work and determination, Andy and Carolyn have expanded their business through franchising. They’ve opened 15 new franchises in the past 5 years, bringing on licensed coaches to help grow the brand.

Spotting the gap to score big

Inspired by the success of Andy’s other business, AT Soccer Camps, which primarily focuses on coaching school-aged children in a local area, Andy and Carolyn spotted a gap in the market for coaching kids football.

Few academies focused solely on coaching children between the ages of 2 and 5, giving them the foundations, confidence and skills to go onto other academies.  

Having developed its reputation over the course of 10 years, the academy was running around 40 sessions per week. Their solid business structure and clear Unique Selling Point has allowed SupaStrikers to grow rapidly.

Thinking like a business

When it comes to growth, Andy and Carolyn never compromise on quality. Making sure that any new team member is the right fit for the business is crucial to maintaining the reputation they’ve worked so hard to build.

But as with any growing business, processes that once started out manageable became more complex as the academy grew. Andy was always looking for a way to streamline admin, improve coach communication, and get more time back to focus on the business. After a recommendation from a customer, Andy decided to check out ClassForKids.

"The customer service is like no other, and the instant support offered is invaluable… It’s like ClassForKids is just as invested in our business as we are!"

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Support from the sidelines

Using the ClassForKids system has streamlined the businesses processes. Gone are the endless hours of admin and payment chasing. Having an automated system makes it easier to access everything from communication to chasing late payments at the touch of a button.

And the ClassForKids system has helped professionalise the business' franchises. Since using the system, they’ve found it easier to onboard franchisees because there’s so much available, including ongoing customer support.

Carolyn and Andy believe that access to continued support has helped push the academy forward. When rolling the ClassForKids system out to new franchisees, they can direct them back to Customer Support at the ClassForKids HQ.

Having everyone on the same system makes it easier to communicate with franchisees, but it’s also a vital tool for growth as they can oversee essential information across the business at any time to help make well-informed decisions.

An eye to the future

In the next 3 years, SupaStrikers hope to bring on a further 20 licensed coaches to develop the business - and they even have plans to expand the business out-with the UK! One of the driving factors behind their success is that they’ve always thought of their academy as a business. Bringing on licensed coaches to take control of sessions, having a solid business structure, and using the ClassForKids system has allowed Andy and Carolyn to keep planning for the future.

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