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Lisa’s been running The Performance Academy of Scotland since 2008. From the get-go, Lisa had big plans for her academy, and she knew success would be achieved through dedication and innovation in teaching. 

Thanks to staying dedicated to her dreams, the academy’s grown from just 9 students to 600+ with venues across central Scotland. And because of the changes to day to day operations, they’ve doubled their income in the past year! But the journey to achieving new highs hasn’t always been a breeze...

A passion turned to chaos 

Attending drama classes from the age of just 2, Lisa knew it was more than an after school class. After gaining a masters degree in theatre and live performance, Lisa started teaching at the age of 21. 

But Lisa wanted to give children more than just drama skills; she wanted to give them skills that could be applied to all areas of life. So Lisa started the Performance Academy of Scotland. 

"We focus on teaching confidence, building self-esteem, positive mental health, and teamwork skills. These things are vital, not only with our classes but to help them in school, social environments and future careers."

Between growing class capacities and adding venues across central Scotland, running the business became challenging. Queues were growing outside classes to take fees, paperwork was constantly mounting and managing the business became a challenge. But to maintain the academy’s ethos, Lisa knew something needed to change. 

After hearing about ClassForKids, Lisa decided to check the system out for herself. And after a short demo of what the system had to offer, she signed up and never looked back! 

See solution!

“It has everything and more for us… We were looking for a really sleek digital way of running everything and no longer needed to have face to face interaction.”

Everything under the one roof

Since joining the ClassForKids family, Lisa’s academy has gone from strength to strength. The academy’s doubled its income and has grown its student numbers by a third. And Lisa’s using the ClassForKids system to gauge interest in new areas through the waiting list feature before financially investing too!

But it’s not just growth that the ClassForKids system is helping with - it’s improved the day to day stuff too! Now that Lisa and her team have access to registers to mark attendance, view medical information, and emergency contact details in one click. And parents can book in whenever they want, meaning bookings and payments are always increasing. 

"Parents can book in through the booking link 24/7! We wake up some mornings and have new bookings... parents have literally done that while we've been sleeping!"

Using the ClassForKids system has also allowed Lisa and her team to focus on their students and hone in on their talent. With the academy focused on two areas - the classes and the talent agency - Lisa and her team can focus on each child and make sure they’re getting the most out of their skills. 

Going forward, the ClassForKids system will play a huge role in the future of the academy. Lisa has big plans to open in new areas, build out her timetables, and look to add extra classes where there’s demand alongside.

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