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Clubs Using ClassForKids

Can I send an invoice to a parent if they owe me money?

Yes the system allows you to see at a glance who owes you what, and directly send parents a SMS and email reminder. You can read more about our features here.

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How are online payments taken? Can my parents still pay in cash?

All online payments are processed securely by our payment provider Stripe. Stripe is a world-recognised online payment system; it's a highly secure and trusted financial platform. Read more about it here. You can still take cash payments and you can even mark this payment against their invoice so your ClassForKids financial reports are accurate.

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Can I really re-run a term and auto-enrol in seconds?

Of course! You can learn more about all of our features here or get in touch with one of our friendly business coaches to get started today by calling 0330 822 5314.

My internet connection can be poor in some locations, does ClassForKids still work?

Yes, our mobile registers can be saved and used offline, meaning immediate access to the need-to-know information when you need it.

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Should my coaches and staff use the system? Can my staff access the register and emergency contact details?

You can have as many users across as many devices as you need at no additional cost. You can even give coaches or teachers a tailored register-only access. Read more about our features here. Coaches can be set up to access specific registers and class details, while admins have access to more functionality such as financials and general feature settings.

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How do I share my booking schedule on social media?

Yes, your booking link is a custom URL that you can build behind a button on your social channels or fit as an iFrame into your website. You can paste your link straight into a post for parents to follow and book, and even integrate a ‘Contact Now’ button into your Facebook page. If you need help, get in touch.

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Will I have to change the way I run my business?

You certainly won't have as much admin to do... Our software has been designed and developed (with love) since 2013 to meet the needs of thousands of businesses just like yours. That said, we do still uncover the odd anomaly, and whilst we are always improving our system, we usually find customers are happier to adopt our suggested best practice than to find a workaround.

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How much time will it take to get set up?

It's probably easier than you think (we've helped large clubs set up over a weekend)! You can get set up in a day and begin to invite your customers to book online. Why not sign-up for a free-trial to see for yourself? Or if you need more time, our award-winning Customer Success team can work closely with you to get you onto the system and set up ahead of your next term.

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How do I get my current customers onto ClassForKids?

It’s really simple for parents to book and pay with ClassForKids. Many parents will already have an account with their details saved, and if not, it only takes a couple of minutes. We’ve got lots of templates to help you to explain to your parents the change and what they need to do.

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How do I set-up the system? Am I tied into a contract?

When you sign-up you’ll be taken through a quick tutorial of how to use the basic features, next up you’ll create your schedule and customise your settings. And there's no contract! As long as you're paying your monthly fee, you can use the system. Simple.

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Does this also work for franchises?

Like a dream. As well as independent clubs of all sizes, we work with some of the largest franchises in the UK to provide a stable and scalable platform for all of their businesses. We've even been known to build specific features just for them (and then rolled them out to our other customers).

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Will the system help me grow?

Well... we have one customer who started using ClassForKids while they were running one franchise. And just over two years later, she now has 15 franchises all using the same system. Business made simple.

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I run all year round, can I set this up? I also run one-off events and camps, do you support this?

Of course! Most clubs usually keep their registers and booking to 12 week periods to make it easier to manage attendance and holidays. But with our re-run feature, it only takes a few minutes to set-up your new term dates. We do support one-off events, and you can even have a unique booking link for each part.

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What if I need help? There's a few things I'm not sure of, how will I know this will work for me?

We’ve got lots of helpful help guides that will familiarise you with our features. You can also access the team through our in-app messenger straight from your system. We’re here to help you all the way through your ClassForKids journey. That's why we're rated 4.8/5 on Capterra. Want to know more? Get in touch now.

You can also request a video guide before you decide to start using the system or call us on 0330 822 5314

Parents Using ClassForKids

What do I do when I can't make payment or I'm having booking issues?

Contact your club directly for any support regarding payments or booking issues and they'll be able to help.

Where can I see the details of my booking?

If you have booked a class or camp, you can login to your Parent Dashboard here - https://bookings.class4kids.co.uk/dashboard/
You can expand the ‘Bookings & Payments’ tab, this will list all your future, current and previous bookings you have made.

You can also expand the ‘Communications Record’ tab to view all email communications you have received from clubs through the ClassForKids system.

Where is my refund for my booking?

If you have contacted your club and asked for a refund for your booking, this can take up to 5-10 days to go back into your account. If after this time period you still cannot see your refund, get in touch directly with the club who refunded your payment for more information.

How can I find a class for my child?

ClassForKids don’t run the classes for your children, we just list them for our clubs who run classes.

If you head over to our website and hopefully you can find a great class for your child by searching your postcode in our listing site to view classes running near you. If you find a class you like, you will see a button saying ‘View Schedule’ under the listing. If you click on this, it will list all the available classes that the club is advertising and you can book in from here!

How do I cancel my monthly payments?

If you are looking to cancel your monthly subscription, this would have to be done directly with the club you have the agreed subscription set up with. They will be able to cancel your subscription and then cancel your class booking to ensure no further payments are taken.

How do I cancel my child’s booking?

ClassForKids operate the booking software for thousands of clubs across the UK but we don’t actually handle the administration of bookings. If you are looking to cancel your booking, please contact the club who is running the classes directly. You can find their contact information under the ‘Contact Us’ section of their book page.

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