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Maximising bookings for dance studio owners

Improve your customer experience with a booking schedule that allows customers to book directly from your website and social channels.

Comprehensive registers for busy teachers

With busy programmes, managing registers should be quick and convenient. Give your teachers confidence and control with instant access to all of the information they need.

Securing payments for ambitious studio owners

Stop spending time chasing payments and start getting paid upfront. You’ll have confidence knowing that everyone’s paid before they’re in the studio - and you’ll cut out the no shows.

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Features most loved by <club>

Join 3000+ kids activity professionals whose lives are made easier with our industry leading <club> registration software.


Cut out the time you spend organising new terms and re-enrolling students, and set up for the new term in less than 5 minutes. Simply put in new dates, update your prices and invite customers to book!


Looking for ways to increase your revenue streams? Want an easier way to manage bookings for your end of term recitals? Add one-off workshops and events with ease - all you need are your dates and prices, let us take care of the rest!


Wondering if there’s an easier way to manage and convert trials? Manage everything from communication to attendance to follow up in one place. Turning trials into committed customers couldn’t be easier!

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Here’s what <club> schools using ClassForKids have to say:

“After seeing the other businesses using the system, I thought ClassForKids must be good! Parents don’t even need to speak to us; they can book at 1 in the morning, and we automatically get the notification.” Louise, Dance Inc. Studios

“ClassForKids makes me feel like there’s a complete weight off my shoulders… their support makes everything easier than we could have ever imagined!” Craig, Simon Says Dance

“My favourite thing about the ClassForKids system is having parents details at the touch of a button... you’re no longer scrolling through a mountain of paperwork! For me, it makes everything safer and faster.” Jen, Dance Republic Scotland

“It was so easy to get set up and I can’t imagine not having it now. I can easily access all class registers and manage my money each month.” Rachel Elliott Performers

“I wasted so much of my time mailing parents and printing invoices every month... now I send my invoices now at a click of a button.” Laura, Laura Daley Dance Academy

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