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April 17 2019

Exclusive Interview with Former Olympic Swimmer, Michael Jamieson

Jump in with Michael Jamieson. The Olympic and Commonwealth swimmer talks to ClassForKids about his own journey and why he wants to help young swimmers develop in a holistic way.

March 22 2019

March 2019 Releases

Interested to find out what our Product Development team were busy working on in March? Get the facts here...

March 07 2019

Children in Sighthill to Benefit from Unique Partnership

Find out how ClassForKids in partnership with Morgan Sindall Infrastructure in Community are helping small businesses fund and run after school clubs for local kids.

February 26 2019

Meet the ClassForKids Team | Andy

We're back with another Meet The Team! This time around, we're introducing you to Business Coach, Andy! 

November 08 2018

Meet the ClassForKids Team | Sarah J

It's time for another Meet the ClassForKids Team! Let's jump into it then and get to know our Customer Success Superstar, Sarah J!

January 22 2019

Meet the ClassForKids Team | James

It's time for another Meet the ClassForKids Team! Let's jump into it then and get to know our coding wizard and Software Engineer, James Stewart!

February 27 2019

The Women behind ClassForKids

Happy International Women's Day! This post is to celebrate all the women in the ClassForKids family! Without you, this company wouldn't function the same way!

February 21 2019

How Other Clubs are Doing it!

Have a read about some of the business decisions clubs are making on a daily basis.

January 15 2019

What Parents Want - According to the Data

Having processed literally millions of bookings, and tens of millions in payments, we thought we'd take a look at the data, and share some of the insights and learnings. First up... PARENTS!

January 09 2019

How to Get Your Kids More Active in 2019

It's #NationalObesityAwarenessWeek, and what better time than now to introduce healthy habits into yours and your children's lives. Take the first steps towards health with #ClassForKids.

January 17 2019

The ClassForKids Vision

In this blog post, we’d like to share our vision of why we do what we do! Here's a brief breakdown of the ClassForKids vision.

January 11 2019

Why your data is safe with ClassForKids | GDPR

For Data Privacy Day, we’d like to explain to you why the security of your data is important to us and what we’ve done to guarantee that everything is safe with us!

January 02 2019

Behind the Unique ClassForKids Christmas Gift!

Come and learn more about how the ClassForKids marketing team ideates and creates super cool and unique marketing strategies and campaigns for the festive season!

January 07 2019

Cricket Tikes | ClassForKids Ambassadors

3rd in line of the ClassForKids Ambassadors to give praise and acknowledgement to is Jason Moore, Founder & Coach of Cricket Tikes! Learn more about our awesome ambassador today!

November 14 2018

How to work with Schools & Nurseries

In this blog post, ClassForKids would like to share some useful tips and approaches on how to further expand your network and audience by working with schools and nurseries around your area