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Why should you use ClassForKids?

the Benefits

Online Payments

Online Payments

Never chase payments again! Our automated payment process lets parents pay for classes instantly and securely.

Admin management

Admin Management

Save 12 hours a week on admin work when you have the right tools by ClassForKids to manage your classes easily and effectively.

parent conversations

Parent Conversations

Don't be a nuisance! Conquer communication with all parents and make their bookings and payments journey a breeze

Potential growth

Potential Growth

ClassForKids has a full suite of amazing features for you to utilise that will help with the management and growth of your kids club

It's been life changing!
It's an absolute game changer. Completely revolutionised our business, increased our takings and made our marketing much more effective."

Steven Johnstone, West Lothian Football Academy

Who is ClassForKids for?




Manage your club your way, with our easy-to-use platform, accessible from any location on any device. Take bookings, manage registers, waiting lists and payments with just a few clicks.

Camps Providers

Camps Providers

Maximise bookings and ensure schedules are always full when running camps. Parents benefit from a seamless booking experience and you, from control and consistent income streams.



Industry leading product, industry leading support for your franchise. More than just a technology partner, we deliver meaningful insights designed for business growth.



Give parents what they want - an accessible booking and payment solution with personalised dashboard which captures their child's key information in one secure location.


easy booking process


Step 1: Select Classes

Parents can easily find classes online of the kids club that they want to book for their child

Step 2: Confirm Bookings

Once the parent is happy with the class selected, they can confirm their booking and make payment

Step 3: Make Payment

Parents can select their preferred payment method, make payment and voila! All done!

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