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Making a Perfect Landing with Gymnova

This blog post is all about Gymnova’s amazing 40 year long journey and how ClassForKids fits into their story!

sala soccer

Sala Soccer

Football in the UK has changed more radically in the past few years than it has in its centuries old history.
And now as well as playing five-a-side football, more people in the UK are experimenting with futsal, a version of the game that originated in Uruguay in 1930. A massive advocate is Neil Lucas from Sala Soccer who has been coaching and working with young footballers for over 13 years.

The Haunting History of Halloween

Halloween is upon us, let ClassForKids guide you, Jack O' Lantern in hand, through this harrowing hybrid of a holiday!

Use Multiple Listings to Grow Your Kids Activity Club

Whether you’re starting out or are perhaps looking to increase your bookings or boost general interest, listing sites are the way to go. We at ClassForKids encourage that you use them and can help you utilise them too!

Gymnova x ClassForKids | Winner!

We have a winner for the Gymnova x ClassForKids Gymnastics Competition! Congratulations Fred Voortman from Robin Hood Gymnastics Club!

Where would we be without teachers?

Teacher's jobs far extend the classroom, they help us succeed both in education and life. To celebrate #WorldTeachersDay, ClassForKids looks at all the ways teachers go above and beyond for our kids!

What is Trampolining?

ClassForKids wants to share with you about what trampolining is and why you should consider letting your kid be part of such a unique niche sport!

Why Gymnastics is Awesome for your Kids

ClassForKids would like to share with you how gymnastics can benefit your children and why you should consider sending your wee ones for classes!

Why Cheques are Obsolete

At ClassForKids, we’re working hard to further your understanding on why online payments are the way to go and why cheque books belong in the Victorian era! Here are a few reasons why cheques are now obsolete.

Top 10 Questions Asked About ClassForKids

Here is a list of the Top 10 most asked questions by club owners and coaches about ClassForKids!

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