Football Club Marketing: Essential Toolkit For Social Media, Branding + Advertising

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What is football club marketing?

Hi football club owners!

We get it, the world of marketing can sometimes feel like a penalty shootout, but fear not! We're here to help you kick-start your marketing game and score more bookings for your football club. Let's dive into some winning strategies to make your marketing efforts a breeze!

Create a Winning Brand: Football Club Branding

Before you lace up your marketing boots, it's crucial to have a game plan for your brand. Strong and consistent branding will help you connect with parents and aspiring football stars, setting you apart from the competition. Many ClassForKids football club owners have told us that their secret to success has been establishing a clear ethos, or message, to guide everything their club does. From what sessions to offer, to what goals to set, their unique ethos is what has guided them.

So, what is football club branding? It's the whole vibe of your club – from the colours of your logo to the ethos you want people to associate with your team. Think of it as your club's unique playing style: what makes you the MVP of football clubs. Make sure your branding shines through on social media, your website, and even on those match day flyers!

Top tips for a winning brand:

  • Make your club name and logo reflect your ethos.
  • Pick a set of brand colours that look great together and use them in your logo.
  • Let your social media bio score a goal for your brand message.
  • Keep your online content in sync with your branding.

Football club Social Media

Now, let's talk about the power of social media. It's like having a stadium filled with potential fans, and you've got the mic. Use it to your advantage! This is the perfect space to have some fun and be creative with your posts.

What to post on your football club's social media:

  • Testimonials from happy players and parents.
  • Special promotions or "Bring-a-Friend" discounts.
  • Exciting clips from matches and training sessions.
  • Your take on the latest online football challenge 
  • Highlight moments from your sessions and practices.
  • Share new football moves and techniques for other players to try.

Since most parents are already scrolling through social media, it's the perfect place to huddle up and share news about your football club. Announce new sessions, share clips from the last match, or win over new parents with testimonials. It’s a good idea to be active on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and don't forget that Facebook's "Booking button" can help parents secure their spot in your sessions with ease!

[.blue__text]Find out How To Get More Kids Club Bookings Through Facebook[.blue__text], [.pink__text]or How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business.[.pink__text]

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Football Club Advertising: Spread the Word

Your branding and ethos should always guide your marketing playbook. Know your club inside out, and let your unique ethos shine through in your advertising. Next, you’ll want to figure out where and how to market your football club.

Some top tips for advertising your club:

  • Figure out who your perfect customer is and make sure you have a good understanding of who they are and what motivates them.
  • Use language that resonates with football-loving parents.
  • Find out where your potential customers hang out – online or offline? At school?
  • Showcase your unique selling points that make your club a winner.
  • Keep it short, sweet, and visual – a great image speaks volumes.

Once you’ve determined how you’ll advertise your football club, it’s time to pass your message to your audience. Where would your ideal customer hang out? What problem can you solve for them? If you’ve been getting lots of new customers through local schools, then it could be a good idea to partner up with schools!

There are lots of benefits to teaming up with local schools. From budgeting aspects to marketing opportunities, schools can bring lots of new players to your field. [.green__text]Read our blog on Tips For Creating Long Lasting School-Club Links for more guidance![.green__text]

Another great marketing opportunity lies in social media. Think of it as your budget-friendly marketing teammate. You can boost your existing posts to reach a wider audience without creating new content. Just choose a post that's already performing well, click "Boost," and watch the bookings roll in!

Now that you have the tools to create a winning brand, ace social media marketing, and advertise like a pro (even on a budget!), it's time to hit the field and have some fun with it! After all, football is all about the joy of the game.

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