Winning Black Friday Strategies for Kids Clubs - How to Take More Bookings and Increase Revenue

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Why Do I Need a Black Friday Strategy?

Hey there kids club owners! Black Friday is a busy period for many business owners, and parents and guardians know it’s the perfect time for them to snatch up some good deals. BUT, how can you make sure your black Friday offers stand out? And how can you make sure that you retain your current customers at a time when they’re carefully considering prices and outgoings? Let’s look at how your club can remain safely in the “keep” pile this Black Friday! 

How to build a brand

So, how can you make sure that your club stands out this Black Friday? In order to be memorable, you may want to get into a little concept called branding. “What’s branding?” you might ask. Branding is the overall look and feel of your club. It’s the combination of the colours you use, what your logo looks like, what your key messaging is and how it feels to be a part of your club! 

If we asked you to consider your top 3 fizzy drinks, what brands come to mind? Now, consider why those 3 stand out to you. Maybe it’s because you liked that ad they did a while ago? Perhaps you simply enjoy the taste of that drink? Or, maybe, they’re industry leaders because they’ve developed a memorable and recognisable brand? 

Your club can utilise this idea of “brand” to make sure that you are at the top of customer’s minds when they think of kid’s clubs this Black Friday! It’s all done by focusing on the experience you’re providing the kids and guardians with, rather than the basics of the service. For instance, if you’re a dance school offering kids classes for musical theatre, you’re not just teaching kids how to dance to popular stage sensations. You are helping to shape the next generation of West End stars! Doesn’t that sound a bit more memorable? 

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Customers in the spotlight

Now that we know how to stand out using branding, let’s get into what sort of promotions you can offer this Black Friday to win parents and guardians over - and retain your existing customers!

Consider what’s most important to parents right now. Many guardians and parents might be struggling with staying on top of their kid’s busy schedules. This can be resolved quickly if you have a system like ClassForKids in place. We offer a parent app where parents can easily see the classes their kids are booked into and stay organised!

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Maybe your customers are struggling with the increase in prices just now? These customers may appreciate a personalised offer from your club so they can still provide their little ones with fun activities throughout the week. Keeping on top of their key needs will have you perfectly positioned for Black Friday and well beyond.

Try this:

  • Reward existing customers for their loyalty with early bird offers. Parents should feel you appreciate them and want to give something back
  • Expand your customer base with unbeatable signup offers that parents looking for a kids club can’t say no to
  • Use compelling language in your communication with parents. Talk to them in a way you know they’ll understand

Retain parents with thoughtful incentives that you know will help them. 

Trials and tasters

Trials and tasters can be a great way of showing exactly what kids and parents will get from being a part of your club. So, what are they? Trials and taster sessions are when you open up some of your regular classes to new potential customers to come and try! It’s a great way for parents and kids to “try before they buy”. This inside look at your activities allows parents to truly see the benefits kids can gain from your club - beyond the basic skills they know they’ll be learning. 

Try this:

  • Give existing customers the chance to bring a friend to a class. Your customers are likely to vouch for you. Combine word of mouth with a trial session and you have a powerful combination!
  • Send follow-up invites to join your classes soon after a trial with a link that takes parents straight to your booking schedule.
  • Consider a special offer to secure parents who remain on the fence.

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The Ultimate Planner for your Dance School

We've got a ton of free resources you can access now to help improve the efficiency of your club


Review your services

You may have been offering the same services and classes since you first started, so it could be time to upgrade and shake it up a little bit! Take a look at everything you offer at your club. Does what you offer right now meet the needs of parents and kids? Life is ever changing for both you as a club owner and your customers as parents, so it’s key to offer the most relevant services. Maybe you can take some of your less popular classes off your schedule to make space for the classes you know are more popular? Maybe it’s time to open another branch in a different area? Or perhaps there's an opportunity for you to collaborate with local schools and nurseries to gain more customers?

Try this:

  • Speak directly to parents at your club and their friends. Find out what they want and need. Maybe it’s tricky for them to get to your current location, or their child dreams of a specific activity type that you could begin offering?
  • Always be open to feedback. This can help you continually grow and strengthen your club as a whole. Listen and learn from any feedback you get.
  • Unsure if a new class is a good idea? Add interested parents to a waiting list to help make this decision. This will allow you to see if there’s enough interest to start offering that class.

The power of promotion (advertising)

You’re offering wonderful services at your club but do parents know about it? Are you using all the tricks you have at your fingertips? For instance, are you marketing yourself where your customers hang out? Whether that’s online, at local schools or at local restaurants and shops, you’ll want your advertising to be where they are! Maybe you know most of your current customers found you using social media! In that case, it could be a good idea to focus your efforts there to announce new classes, camps your running or even sharing fun behind the scenes of some of your classes! Did you know that more than half of all kids club bookings come from Facebook? 

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Try this:

  • Use social media as a tool: post about what is happening at your club!
  • Send newsletters to existing customers to keep them in the loop with classes, exciting updates and what’s coming in the future.
  • Word of mouth remains key, so ask parents for reviews!
  • These can live on both your Facebook page and on Google - the two main online channels parents use to search for you.

How can ClassForKids help you get ahead of the competition?

Yay, now you’re all ready for your Black Friday take-over! With amazing branding, a customer-centric focus, and the best offers for your customers, you’re ready to take home the ultimate trophy: more bookings! 

Want to really stand out this Black Friday? Here’s how the ClassForKids system can help you get ahead: 

  • Easily schedule classes, sessions and trials
  • Quick communication with parents when you need it most
  • Send out follow-up invites at the touch of a button
  • Peace of mind with payment secures booking feature
  • All your classes in one place on your booking schedule
  • Gauge interest in new classes with waiting lists

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