Getting Started

Q. How much will it cost me?

We'd rather talk about how much it will do for you, but the cold-hard-truth is that we charge 20p + 4.5% platform fee for any payment processed online by the system, and a standard monthly fee of £29.99 for access to the platform and all the great features (which also includes our incredible customer support). You can choose whether to pay the platform fees yourself or pass them on to customers.

Q. Should my coaches and staff use the system?

That's really up to you. Coaches can be setup to access specific registers and class details, whilst admins have access to more functionality such as financials and general feature settings.

Q. Do all my customers have to pay online?

Cash and cheques? Really?! Of course we give you the option to record a variety of alternative payments, and to make these options very clear to your customers. But our data tells us that they prefer to pay online...

Q. Does this also work for franchises?

Like a dream. As well as independent clubs of all sizes, we work with some of the largest franchises in the UK to provide a stable and scalable platform for all of their businesses. We've even been known to build specific features just for them (and then rolled them out to our other customers).

Classes, Schedules and Registers

Q. How much time will it take to get setup?

It's probably easier than you think to setup your first register and begin inviting customers to book online. Why not signup a free-trial system and see for yourself. If you're a bit less confident our Product Coaches can work closely with you to get your full register onto the system and ready to run in plenty of time for your next term. We've managed to help very large clubs setup over a weekend!

Q. Existing parents?

Getting the timing right to have your system set up for your upcoming term is a great way to go. We can help you with every step, from understanding the basics, to setting up your term and classes, to inviting parents and getting the bookings into your registers.

Q. Am I tied in to a contract?

Nope. So long as you're paying the small monthly fee you can use the system. Stop paying anytime and stop using the system. Simple.

Q. Who processes the payments?

Our payment partners 'Stripe' process all online payments.

Q. Is customer data secure?

You betcha. We're duty-bound (by some tough regulators) to be fully compliant with the latest data protection laws. All information is safeguarded to the highest standards. And let's be honest, it's far more secure than piles of paperwork!

Q. Will my customers be disrupted?

Our data shows the vast majority of payments recorded by our clients are made online, and via mobile devices. Parents love the convenience and simplicity of being able to book on their terms.

Q. Will I have to change the way I run my business?

Well, you certainly won't have as much admin to do... our software has been designed and developed (with love) since 2013 to meet the needs of thousands of businesses just like yours. That said, we do still uncover the odd anomaly, and whilst we are always improving our system, we usually find customers are happier to adopt our suggested best practice than to find a workaround.

Q. Can I use the system to manage adult classes?

The clue is in the name. We're designed to work best for parents booking on behalf of kids. But in reality we do work with a growing number of businesses who use the system to run classes for adults. Maybe we should start another business!

Q. Can I hide the classes?

Sure. For those secret classes that are 'by special invitation only' there's no need to make your schedules public. It's one of the many features and functions that give you flexibility no matter what your size or circumstance.

Q. Will the system help me grow?

Well... we have one client who started using ClassForKids while they were running 1 franchise. Just over two years later she now has 15 franchises, all using the system as standard.

Q. Can I integrate the system into my website?

Yes, there are a number of ways to integrate your business with ClassForKids. Once you get all your existing parents on we make it SUPER easy for new parents to find your club and book. Your web developer can add a 'book now' button or iFrame to your website, and you can also advertise on social media. All you need is the link to your public schedule.

If you have more questions, get in touch or request a Demo!