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Classforkids is excited to announce the release of our new online classes feature!

You are facing the biggest challenge in the history of your business. You have likely closed your physical doors. Now get ready to go online and open your digital doors.

With lots of our clubs considering running online options, we’ve updated the booking system to allow you to run online classes. Now, you can send out a link to any group of participants with the link to your online class via the register. Parents will receive the invite straight to their devices and can take part in your classes, however you choose to run them!

Avoid the invoice chase! Get paid instantly

Never chase payments again with our automated payment process that lets parents pay for classes instantly and securely.

Secure Payment Up-Front

Choose to confirm bookings on receipt of payment and you’ll have the confidence to treat each booking as a fully committed customer.

Monthly Subscriptions

Keep in financial control with subscriptions. This popular feature makes it affordable for parents and gives you a steady stream of income. Win-win!

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Stay ahead of payment behaviours with this hassle-free way for parents to pay for your classes. It’s quick, secure and the most utilised option for mobile users.

SMS Invoices

Need to remind some parents to pay? Send invoices with a direct payment link to them via SMS. It has a 100% open rate, guaranteed to be seen by all parents.

Get time back in your day with organised schedules

Save 12 hours a week on admin when you have the right tools to manage classes easily and effectively.

Re-booking for next term

Carry your classes forward to the new term dates and re-book the children into the registers. A job that used to take hours now takes 5 minutes! It's that simple!


Follow up after a trial in seconds. You can convert them to a full-term booking, invite them back or thank them for attending your class - the choice is yours.

Waiting Lists

Are your classes full? Rest assured that parents can simply join the waiting list and be offered a place when one becomes available. No missed opportunities!

Offline Registers

Don’t worry if you can’t connect to the wifi! Our offline registers will allow you to monitor attendance and access the data of your students regardless.

Make things easier for your customers

Conquer communication with parents and make their booking journey a breeze.

Mobile friendly

Fact - 80% of ClassForKids bookings are made on mobile. As a result, the system is designed to be parent-friendly with optimal mobile viewing.

Simple Bookings

Parents book and pay in 3 easy steps! Bookings straight to registers and payments automatically logged, everything is made simple for you too. 

Slick Communication

Whether you’re sending a message to all of your contacts or being selective, save tons of time and send bulk emails directly from your registers.

Parent Dashboard

Put parents in control of their own data such as emergency contacts, special requirements, multiple child profiles and more.

Parents love us!

 Learn more about the parent experience


GDPR Compliant ClassForKids


Oh wait! There's more!

The ClassForKids club management system has been designed with both club owners and parents in mind, offering features that will improve the efficiency of running your club as well creating ease of membership management for parents, allowing them to easily book or enrolling their kids into classes. Below are some of our most loved features:

Personalised Registration Questions

One Off Set-Up Fees

Brilliant Support

Movement Between Classes

Private Classes

Camps Scheduling



Birthday Reminders