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Swimming coaches have a lot going on. Looking for more than simply keeping their club afloat, they want to make a splash and get children loving the water. An admin solution can help keep everyone swimming in the same direction through organising classes, efficiently processing payments and keeping parents in the loop.  


Dance has been around since the beginning of time. Dance schools since the beginning of the 17th century. The legacy of both has not only endured but developed into a creative and layered form of self-expression making it an ideal activity for children. Technology has naturally moved on since those early days and today teachers can keep apace by managing their schools with a kids activity booking management system.


Winning is important to coaches. Equally important is the desire to develop new skills, build confidence and keep children active. And while they are looking after the needs of young footballers who is looking after coaches and their clubs? A kids activity booking management system can help them keep their eye on the ball by organising classes, efficiently processing payments and keeping parents in the loop.  It could do the same for your club too.


Gymnastics is one of the most popular activities for children.  Originally developed by those clever Greeks over two thousand years ago, the sport continues to grow; with demand outstripping supply new clubs are springing up all over the country like gymnasts on a bouncy new floor mat.

Stage School

Drama is a cross curricular activity, that exposes kids to a world of creativity and wonder. A world limited only their expanding imagination. Its history, and endless benefits, read like a perfect script for a child's development. Make believe, and dramatic activity are already an integral part of a child's growth, and drama clubs can help provide structure and learning to their play. In this modern era, a kids activity booking management system, can help drama teachers process payments quickly and efficiently, taking their clubs out of the wings and into the spotlight.


At ClassForKids, we know how great it is for your clubs to offer holiday camps. It allows you to run intensive sessions during the school holidays and is a great business boost for the year. If you’re new to the concept of camps and haven’t tried hosting one before, then you should definitely consider it. Don’t worry, we’ll help you along the way! Summer camps are coming up and we’re here to prep you for it.

Toddler Groups

Your little’un is growing up, they’re no longer the cherub cheeked baby they once were. They’ve now officially been promoted to toddler status, and they’re too busy and important for regular play. But yet despite their seniority, they are not yet old enough for schooling, so what now? How about a toddler activity class? ClassFor Kids’ booking management system, ‘empowers’ toddler clubs so that they can empower the next generation, through their seamless online payment processing.

Outdoor Sports

Kids, they’re little balls of energy, and that energy needs to go somewhere! Sports can be a great way to channel it into something positive. Mark Hyman, professor of sports management at George University remarks that “ultimately, every kid can benefit from sports, and any of the top sports will benefit your child in a multitude of ways."

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts isn’t all fun and games you know? In fact it’s pretty serious business. Arts and crafts as we know it, was born out of a 19th Century movement of the same name. The movement, heralded by William Morris, formed in response to the destruction of British industrialisation. They sought to transform how society made and valued everything from architecture to papier-mâché. So if your sticky rugrat insists on painting, eating and building everything with their hands, they could be on to something.


Do you have a child that can't make a decision about which sport they want to learn? Fret not, there are plenty of clubs and classes that can cater to your curious and adventurous one. Booking classes for these diverse type of kids activities club has never been simpler with an admin solution like ClassForKids. So go on, let your kids explore their interests and experiment with all the sports they could find passion in!